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TV season 2007-2008

Welcome back to my annual TV preview. I’ve been doing this since I was in college on paper, and then publicly on my blog since I started blogging. Sometimes, it’s fun to look back at what I was looking forward to watching each year in the past. (2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001)

This coming season, I’m looking forward to a nice mix of new and old series, because many of my last year shows are back. I’m interested in checking out some new things even if I don’t continue watching them all season just because there are some interesting concepts coming out this fall that I might want to really enjoy, but I won’t really know until I see.

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Recent books

I’ve been reading a lot lately. A combination of Christian fiction and knitting reference books. I’ve been finding new and old Christian authors, which is really great. I was instrumental in getting Christian fiction in the library... back when I was 12, I volunteered at the library for 2 1/2 years. At the time, I was the youngest volunteer that they ever allowed, but I was a home-schooler, and very well read, and they trusted me enough to order all the books I suggested. So a lot of the Gilbert Morris, Janette Oke, and Bodie and Brock Thoene, among others, were series that they started because of me smile

Along the way, I’ve found that I really enjoy helping keep book lists up to date, and where better to do that than wikipedia. So I’ve been editing several topics for some of the authors and improving and standardizing a bit on the formatting. It’s really fun.

Here’s some of the authors and series I’ve been reading:

Tracie Peterson (wikipedia):

Beverly Lewis (wikipedia)

  • parts of several series

Gilbert Morris (wikipedia)

Lori Wick (wikipedia)

As you can tell, I’m really enjoying being able to read again. And these are just a few of the ones I’ve been reading, too. It’s become quite a joy in my evenings to be able to spend time before bed absorbing myself in a book again. I used to do this all the time when I was a teenager, and now I’m back into it and feeling very proud of myself for not only reading the books, but tracking them as well!

i <3 vox

I’m doing almost all of my blogging over there. Sure, a little link blogging here and there, but most of it is there. I couldn’t help but play with the new link code today to help tell everyone about the fun that is Vox! smile

boobie-thon 2006


Did you know that this week has been the 2006 Boobie-thon? It’s a great event for a great cause. I’m proud to have been a part of it every year. Plus, it made me more aware than ever about breast cancer, and all the things that charities like Komen can do to help. AND? Bloggers are amazing, participating in an event that raises this much money every year, woooo!

You should go check it out and help finish up the donations with a bang! The end of the event is tomorrow, so hop on over before that!


TV season 2006-7 preview

I have a habit every year around this time of putting together a list of TV shows I’m excited about for the fall premieres. last year, year before, and even the year before (there’s probably more back further than that, these ones were just easily accessible when I looked in my archives laughing ). Looks like I’m getting an early start this year, but so are some of the premiere dates (3rd week of August!) For some reason, I was down on myself for being BEHIND on this favorite task of mine!

  • Prison Break: FOX, Mondays at 8pm (8/21)
    Very possibly most most anticipated returning series for me. The ending just had me so enthralled last season. I love these brothers, and I loved them before they were on this show. (TV.com)
  • Lost: ABC, Wednesdays at 9pm (10/4)
    I’m not quite *as* excited about this as I was last season, and I’m not sure why. Maybe I will get more excited as the previews start showing; it’s still early. (TV.com)
  • The Nine: New! ABC, Wednesdays at 10pm (10/4)
    I’m sure I’m not the only person who giggled at the idea of having Matthew Fox and Scott Wolf with shows back to back. But really, this looks like an interesting concept. It also has Lourdes Benedicto on it (she was on the short lived Titans with Ingo) and the girl who Sucre loves on Prison Break (Camille Guaty). And John Billingsley who has been on Angel and Stargate among other things. It’s probably the new show I’m most interested in seeing. (TV.com)
  • Bones: FOX, Wednesday at 8pm (8/30)
    I can’t help it, I really did enjoy this last season. I was surprised it got picked up for a 2nd season, because umm, fox usually gets me addicted to shows and then cancels them. I guess we’ll see how far this gets. smile I do so love David Boreanez. (TV.com)
  • Numb3rs: CBS, Fridays at 10pm (9/22)
    This is a feel good show that I love to watch with E. Plus, they ended it with a romance just waiting to find out what would happen and I’m so anxious to see where they go with that! (TV.com)
  • The Office: NBC, Thursdays at 8:30pm (9/21)
    We’ve been watching reruns this summer, and they are JUST as hilarious again. And OMG, I can’t wait to see what happens. The one piece of news I do know is that another Daily Show correspondent, Ed Helms, is joining them and that is sure to be hilarious. (TV.com)
  • Dancing with the Stars: ABC, Tuesdays at 8pm
    I haven’t heard anything about who the dancers will be this season, but I’m firmly hooked on this. (TV.com)
  • Battlestar Galactica, Fridays at 10pm (10/6)
    Now it it’s new non-adjacent-to-stargate-timeslot!!! I can’t wait, seriously!
  • Stargate SG-1, Fridays at 9pm (already started)
    AND the best part about this season? Richard Dean Anderson is coming back for some episodes! Woo! The 200th episode should be interesting, and Morena Baccaran is up for a guest role too.
  • Stargate Atlantis, Fridays at 10pm (already started)
    Yay new episodes! Just great stuff, all around, I don’t love this show as much as I love SG-1 yet, but I do love it an awful lot!
  • And, as always, I watch little shows in between, here and there like Good Eats, Mythbusters, and What Not to Wear.

And then there are the "maybe" shows... (see extended part of post)

There aren’t a lot of fall guides to the upcoming season yet, but these are the ones that I used so far:

I’m guessing that zap2it and TV.com will have their own features, too and I’ll add to this post when I see more.

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in-law visit

This last weekend, Eric’s parents and aunt came for a quick visit. And when I say quick, I mean only about 24 hours.

His parents were in Seattle for a conference his dad was participating in (he’s part of the Adventist Health Study), and then they drove down here afterwards. His aunt flew up so they could all go to a family reunion/anniversary party on Sunday.

So it was a good excuse to get the house pretty and cook yummy things like Chocolate Chip cookies for snacking on, and breakfast on sunday morning. My breakfast would have turned out better if I had remembered that tater tot casserole could possibly take an hour to cook instead of a half-hour. But it was still good, and my french toast from real french bread served with blueberries and raspberries was a hit. (I’m hungry just thinking about it again!)

We took them to Old Spaghetti Factory, the original one in Portland. It’s right on the waterfront and always impressive, and even though his parents had been there before, his aunt had not, so it was a fun treat. We did that instead of a big family get-together because we were worried that 1) I wouldn’t be up for making dinner for 15 people and 2) we didn’t have enough seating for 15 people. Both were probably true, but I think his family was disappointed that they didn’t get to see my family.

So even though it was short, it was a nice visit. And my house is still pretty clean, enough that I took some pictures and will have to share a few once I get them uploaded smile

Edited to add: some of the photos are up in my Vox collection: Our House. I may add a few more, but these were the focal points.

movies post

I haven’t had time to write a real post over here lately, but I wrote this evening about movies on my Vox blog: Summer of Movies. smile

the sun

The sun really has a potential to knock me on my back. After being in the house for a lot of days in a row, and not going out except one evening (ie, after the sun was down more), it was pretty hard to walk outside yesterday right in the middle of the day. My eyes started watering immediately! Even with sunglasses!

By the time we came home, I had a headache and ended up taking a 2 hour nap and still being tired. Part of it is just me being worn down lately, but I do believe that being in the sun didn’t help. And part of it is the CFIDS that has caused sun to be more of a problem for quite a few years. E laughs and says I’m a vampire girl and that’s why I can’t be in the sun tounge out

So what am I going to do today? Oh, I’m gonna go be in the sun. sun It’s gonna be 80° today, and Leah’s birthday party is at a park. tounge out Luckily, it’s not till 4PM, so it won’t be quite as bad as the middle of the day. And there’s a covered area, I’ll try to plant myself there. I do still plan to slather myself with sunscreen!

The big news about Vox!

By now, you may have heard about Six Apart’s newest venture going live. What was originally called Project Comet is now broken ground as Vox earlier this week.

This is very exciting to me. Why you may ask? I can finally mention what I am working on! For the last many months, I’ve been working on Vox. Getting ready for visitors, you see! It’s been a lot of work by a lot of people, and I’m so proud to see visitors finally in here checking it out. smile

My Vox blog is at kristine.vox.com. I’m sure that at some point, I’ll intergrate some of that here, or at least link to it from the header. I’m having a fun time using it because it combines so many things all in one place. AND it’s a place that I can share what I want with who I want, so it’s even going to be somewhere I can point my mom to without being bashful about stuff here on kadyellebee. VERY nice, for sure. smile

melancholy songs

music I’ve always had a thing for songs in minor keys[1]. Many songs that fit this description are kind of...um, depressing? It’s like they vibrate something in my soul that I can’t stop feeling. And it’s not that they make me sad; I get excited to hear them.

A few good examples:

  • Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day
  • Every day is exactly the same by Nine inch Nails
  • Haunting Me by Stabbing Westward
  • Faceless Man by Creed
  • Bring me to life by Evanescence
  • Fumbling towards ecstasy by Sarah McLachlan (which actually should be on the top of the list because I heart it so much)
  • Are you happy now? by Michelle Branch
  • Lucky by Biff Naked

And I thought of this when Every day... and Boulevard... played back to back when shuffling laughing This isn’t all of them, by any means, just a few that popped in my head once I started thinking of it.

What do you think? Is it just my melancholy/istj-ness that makes me enjoy this? Or is it a musical phenomenon that some people are just more drawn to minor keys?

[1] I’m not a music major, so maybe I don’t have these examples completely right. cori would know tounge out