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the sun

The sun really has a potential to knock me on my back. After being in the house for a lot of days in a row, and not going out except one evening (ie, after the sun was down more), it was pretty hard to walk outside yesterday right in the middle of the day. My eyes started watering immediately! Even with sunglasses!

By the time we came home, I had a headache and ended up taking a 2 hour nap and still being tired. Part of it is just me being worn down lately, but I do believe that being in the sun didn’t help. And part of it is the CFIDS that has caused sun to be more of a problem for quite a few years. E laughs and says I’m a vampire girl and that’s why I can’t be in the sun tounge out

So what am I going to do today? Oh, I’m gonna go be in the sun. sun It’s gonna be 80° today, and Leah’s birthday party is at a park. tounge out Luckily, it’s not till 4PM, so it won’t be quite as bad as the middle of the day. And there’s a covered area, I’ll try to plant myself there. I do still plan to slather myself with sunscreen!


I have a bunch of CFIDS links - shall I post them?

maybe you need a little umbrella hat. heehee :0 i hope you have fun today.

HEE HEE! Yes, that’s exactly what I need! luvya

Kristine - I am writing an article about CFS blogs for a patient publication and would like to include your blog on a list for patients to check out. Could you email me to discuss further? Many thanks, Jennie