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TV season 2005-6 preview

I sure do love the coming of a new season of TV shows. For many years, I’ve gone through and picked out what I plan to watch. This is the New and Returning shows I intend on checking out or watching carefully this season!

This is in order by the day that the show is on

  • How I Met Your Mother (New!) 8:30 Monday (9/19) CBS TV.com
    If I was only thinking about this for Alyson Hannigan (and Neil Patrick Harris), it would be good enough, but the commercials are making me laugh so much with some of the stuff they say (NPH saying "this is totally going in my blog" ha ha)
  • Las Vegas 9:00 Monday (9/19) NBC TV.com
    Not a question, a definite! I love this show. May have started for soaps stars, but now its great in its own right.
  • Prison Break (New!) 9:00 Monday (8/29) FOX TV.com
    The only problem in my Las Vegas watching plan! This looks like a great show and really has good reviews. And plus, it’s got Dominic Percell of John Doe, which I did love (why did they cancel it, I was so curious!) and Wentworth Miller, the guy who didn’t listen to God on Joan (another one I wish wasn’t cancelled!). I taped the first episode and am looking forward to watching.
  • Bones (New!) 8:00 Tuesday (9/13) FOX TV.com
    Hey, it’s David Boreanaz. He’s too cute to not at least see how the show looks. I don’t have high hopes, so hopefully I’ll be pleasantly surprised.
  • The Office 9:30 Tuesday (9/20) NBC.com TV.com
    This was such a surprising giggle in the middle of it’s short run last weekend. Guilty pleasure to watch with E. Now it’s like Jon Stewart, I can’t stop.
  • Nip/Tuck 10:00 Tuesday (9/20) FX TV.com
    It’s been so long that maybe I’ve gotten over this series (almost a year since last new show, I think). However, I have a feeling that when I watch the first new one, I’ll be hooked again. I do wish they’d had it on this summer instead of waiting until new shows were on at the same time - it was fun to watch this during the summer when nothing else was on. But really, could I pass up Julian McMahon?
  • Lost 9:00 Wednesday (9/21) ABC TV.com
    Watching the preview, even though all it was is recaps, literally gave me goosebumps. I called E and told him! I’m very much so anticipating this. Looking forward to seeing more previews as we get closer. I hear that there will be some new cast members, but more than that, I’m looking forward to hearing what they’ll tie up in that first episode of the season!
  • Firefly 7:00 Friday SciFi TV.com
    Already going. smile All episode of the show, woo! Looks like the series won’t be done by the time Serenity comes out. Hmmm, choices choices, see it w/o watching the whole series or not?
  • Stargate SG-1 8:00 Friday SciFi TV.com
    Already going with it’s first half of season 9.
  • Stargate Atlantis 9:00 Friday SciFi TV.com
    Already going with it’s first half of season 2.
  • Battlestar Galactica 10:00 Friday SciFi TV.com
    Already going with it’s first half of season 2.
  • Numb3rs 10:00 Friday (9/23) CBS TV.com
    I really enjoyed what I saw last season. Only problem is there will be some overlap between this and BSG, so we’ll see if I catch the first few eps.
  • Charmed 8:00 Sunday (9/25) theWB TV.com
    Quite curious to see where they go. The writer didn’t know if it was gonna be cancelled when he wrote the season finale. I do love this series, though. It’s one of my all-time favs.
  • Family Guy 9:00 Sunday (9/11) FOX TV.com
    Another show I watch for E, but it’s just SO funny. I was excited to have it come back. Sometimes we watch American Dad after this, but it’s just not *as* funny
  • Grey’s Anatomy 10:00 Sunday (9/25) ABC TV.com
    Another show that I enjoyed the short run before at the end of last season. So I’m excited to see it back. My favorite part? It’s a tie between seeing Katherine Heigl again and Patrick Dempsey (my very fav movie with him is Loverboy tongue out )

There are also a variety of shows that I’d enjoy watching just for their stars, but the premise or whatever is just not good enough to hook me: Close to Home (CBS) for Christian Kane. Freddie (ABC 8:30 Wednesday) for Freddie Prinze, Jr. and Brian Austin Green (bad reviews though!) Kitchen Confidential for Nicholas Brendon (Same time as Aly’s show). Ghost Whisperer (CBS 8:00 Friday) for Jennifer Love Hewitt and David Conrad (normally I’d jump all over these two, but I’m so disgusted with CBS for replacing Joan with this.) What about Brian for Barry Watson.

If I were to watch one of the new Alien shows, it would probably be CBS’s Threshold. The others are okay, but this one seems most interesting. Or maybe Surface.

ER would be another I’d enjoy watching, but I’ve missed a season in there (TNT showed them all the way up to one season back and then started back at the 3rd season).

Another show I’d love to watch because of the buzz around it (including Joss' seal of approval!) is Veronica Mars. Charisma Carpenter is on it some this season too. However, it’s on at the same time as Lost. Which isn’t smart laughing So we’ll see, maybe in reruns.

Great resources when putting this list together:

And do you believe that I started putting this list together last weekend? laughing I’m finally finishing it smile


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