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TV season 2007-2008

Welcome back to my annual TV preview. I’ve been doing this since I was in college on paper, and then publicly on my blog since I started blogging. Sometimes, it’s fun to look back at what I was looking forward to watching each year in the past. (2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001)

This coming season, I’m looking forward to a nice mix of new and old series, because many of my last year shows are back. I’m interested in checking out some new things even if I don’t continue watching them all season just because there are some interesting concepts coming out this fall that I might want to really enjoy, but I won’t really know until I see.

  • Monday
    • Dancing with the Stars (abc) (tv.com). Returning, September 24 at 8pm
      I can’t help but want to continue with this series, I’ve had so much fun previous years watching, even though my favorite hasn’t won every year (Drew and Kelly *were* picks though smile ) Eric does not enjoy this show, so I watch it without him.
      Kristine’s score: should
    • Prison Break (fox) (tv.com). Returning, September 17 at 8pm.
      I’m not as excited about this upcoming season, truthfully. I had high hopes for the season finale, and while some things I liked happened, the premise for being back in jail (with Gregor Bellick noless!) isn’t as great.
      Kristine’s score: probably
    • Chuck (nbc) (tv.com). New! September 24 at 8pm.
      While I really like the premise of this (Geeky!), I’m not sure how I’ll keep up with 3 shows at 8pm on a Monday. Adam Baldwin is part of the cast, which is a bonus. I’m tempted to watch this instead of Prison Break.
      Kristine’s score: maybe
    • Heroes (nbc) (tv.com). Returning, September 24 at 9pm.
      This is my most anticipated show. It ended up being my very favorite last season, out of anything I watched (which is funny because it wasn’t high on my list, it’s one of those that E said "let’s watch the first episode and see" and we were hooked). I can’t wait to see what happens next!
      Kristine’s score: yes
    • Journeyman (nbc) (tv.com). New! September 24 at 10pm.
      The premise of this is very Quantem-Leap-y, and I like it. The weirdest thing is that there is no actors that I recognize, and so it’s not as likely to draw me in right away unless the show itself is super.
      Kristine’s score: probably
  • Tuesday
    • Bones (fox) (tv.com). Returning, September 25 at 8pm.
      This is another one I’m really excited about. I love how last season ended. It really got better in season 2, IMO, with episodes like "aliens in a spaceship" (tv.com).
      Kristine’s score: yes
    • Dancing with the Stars recap (abc) optional (see above)
      Kristine’s score: maybe
    • Cane (cbs) (tv.com). New! September 25 at 10pm.
      I wasn’t planning on watching this, but the more previews I see, the more intriguing it is. I love that they have a nice selection of actors, not just Jimmy Smits, but Nestor Carbonell (of Lost) and Eddie Matos (of GH) and Hector Elizondo (no matter what else he’s been on, I always associate him with Pretty Woman).
      Kristine’s score: maybe
  • Wednesday
    • Private Practice (abc) (tv.com). New! September 26 at 9pm.
      The episode of Grey’s Anatomy that introduced this was great, and I love the cast having so many people I enjoy watching. So I’m looking forward to see how this goes.
      Kristine’s score: should
    • Bionic Woman (nbc) (tv.com). New! September 26 at 9pm.
      Although I never saw the original show, the previews for this one look really exciting and action-packed. It’s got David Eick of Battlestar Galactica fame at the helm, which is promising (and he brings Katee Sackoff for a bit, too).
      Kristine’s score: maybe
  • Thursday
    • Grey’s Anatomy (abc) (tv.com). Returning, September 27 at 9pm.
      Even though I’m not as excited about this as I was when last season started, I guess I do plan to watch. The season finale was disappointing to me. I hope they can reenergize things even without Addison.
      Kristine’s score: should
    • The Office (nbc) (tv.com). Returning, September 27 at 9pm.
      Can’t wait to see what happens next. There’s to be a lot of hour episodes at the beginning of the season, so that should be exciting.
      Kristine’s score: yes
    • ER (nbc) (tv.com). Returning, September 27 at 10pm.
      I really enjoyed how last season went and ended up watching most of it. I’m not as excited about a season without Goran, but hopefully the rest of the cast will still keep me interested.
      Kristine’s score: should
    • Big Shots (abc) (tv.com). New! September 27 at 10pm.
      The actors on this show are really cool people, so it catches my eye.
      Kristine’s score: maybe
  • Friday
    • Numb3rs (cbs) (tv.com). Returning, September 28 at 10pm.
      I love where they took the show last year (well, up until the final episode, I’m not sure what to think about that), and I think this coming season should be interesting to follow that up. I love the characters!
      Kristine’s score: yes
    • Doctor Who (scifi) (tv.com). Already in process.
      I’m already watching this, and I’m not as thrilled with this season as I was when Rose and the last doctor were. I probably wouldn’t watch this if were up against something else because it’s just not *as* exciting to me as it was.
      Kristine’s score: maybe
    • Stargate Atlantis (scifi) (tv.com). Returning, September 28 at 10pm.
      I’m actually quite excited by the coming of Amanda Tapping and Jewel Staite. (although I’d be more excited for SG-1 instead, but that’s not going to happen!) This should kick off a nice new view on the show and I’m anticipating this quite a bit more than I was last season truthfully.
      Kristine’s score: yes
  • Midseason
    • Lost (abc) (tv.com) yes
    • Battlestar Galactica (scifi) (tv.com) should
    • Nurses (fox) if it really ends up getting picked up. should

Scoring Key:
yes: Red Hot, Must See TV! - There are 6 shows
should: There’s a big reason why I should watch. - There are 6 shows
probably: Probably want to watch. - There are 2 shows
maybe: Maybe this will be good. - There are 6 shows.

abc: 6 (fall preview)
cbs: 2 (fall showcase)
nbc: 6 (fall preview)
fox: 3 (fall preview)
scifi: 3
abc wins with the most "must see" shows. I’m so surprised at how many things nbc is coming out with that I’m interested in. I’m gunshy with fox and aren’t considering any new shows from them. And cw is not a network I can see anything interesting on.

Monday wins for the most hectic night where I may have to use 2 VCRs to get everything because my TiVo isn’t dual head. Let’s hope some things move around still before starting dates.

Biggest surprise for me is that so many of the shows start the same week. In the past, it’s been more spread out. September 17th is the earliest (Prison Break), and last year, there were some at the end of August, I could have sworn. Everything else is the week of September 24-28

There are certain sites that help me every year in making up my list. Here’s the sources I used this year, besides the network sites themselves:

  • Laurel’s TV Picks - this is a fabulous resource, and her daily posts about what’s on are great too.
  • The Futon Critic - there’s tons of casting news and other info here too.
  • tv.com - they don’t have a fall preview section yet on their site, but I think they will.
  • zap2it’s upfronts - photogalleries of the shows for the fall and more info.