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in-law visit

This last weekend, Eric’s parents and aunt came for a quick visit. And when I say quick, I mean only about 24 hours.

His parents were in Seattle for a conference his dad was participating in (he’s part of the Adventist Health Study), and then they drove down here afterwards. His aunt flew up so they could all go to a family reunion/anniversary party on Sunday.

So it was a good excuse to get the house pretty and cook yummy things like Chocolate Chip cookies for snacking on, and breakfast on sunday morning. My breakfast would have turned out better if I had remembered that tater tot casserole could possibly take an hour to cook instead of a half-hour. But it was still good, and my french toast from real french bread served with blueberries and raspberries was a hit. (I’m hungry just thinking about it again!)

We took them to Old Spaghetti Factory, the original one in Portland. It’s right on the waterfront and always impressive, and even though his parents had been there before, his aunt had not, so it was a fun treat. We did that instead of a big family get-together because we were worried that 1) I wouldn’t be up for making dinner for 15 people and 2) we didn’t have enough seating for 15 people. Both were probably true, but I think his family was disappointed that they didn’t get to see my family.

So even though it was short, it was a nice visit. And my house is still pretty clean, enough that I took some pictures and will have to share a few once I get them uploaded smile

Edited to add: some of the photos are up in my Vox collection: Our House. I may add a few more, but these were the focal points.