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returning favorites

Its that time again - I’m posting lots of fun stuff about the new tv season starting. I partically am enjoying the listing over at TV Guide Online's- Returning Favorites 2002. It gives an overview of where were are at in the series, what eps are still coming up, and when the premiere is. It includes a printable calendar smile

What am I most looking forward to returning?
Buffy - Sept 24
Angel - Oct 6
7th Heaven - Sept 16
Futurama and Simpsons - much later

I might watch Charmed, Sabrina, and Alias in between things, and I know there are a few new shows I’d like to check out - Firefly is one of them smile


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Alias is the bestest. One of my faves. Quality show. I used to watch Buffy & Angel religiously, until the split. Then I just stopped. Maybe I should start watching again. Gosh knows David Boreanaz isn’t hard on the eyes....

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