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melancholy songs

music I’ve always had a thing for songs in minor keys[1]. Many songs that fit this description are kind of...um, depressing? It’s like they vibrate something in my soul that I can’t stop feeling. And it’s not that they make me sad; I get excited to hear them.

A few good examples:

  • Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day
  • Every day is exactly the same by Nine inch Nails
  • Haunting Me by Stabbing Westward
  • Faceless Man by Creed
  • Bring me to life by Evanescence
  • Fumbling towards ecstasy by Sarah McLachlan (which actually should be on the top of the list because I heart it so much)
  • Are you happy now? by Michelle Branch
  • Lucky by Biff Naked

And I thought of this when Every day... and Boulevard... played back to back when shuffling laughing This isn’t all of them, by any means, just a few that popped in my head once I started thinking of it.

What do you think? Is it just my melancholy/istj-ness that makes me enjoy this? Or is it a musical phenomenon that some people are just more drawn to minor keys?

[1] I’m not a music major, so maybe I don’t have these examples completely right. cori would know tounge out


you’ve got it right! minor key stuff tends to sound "sad" and major key stuff tends to sound "happy" smile music


I HATE major keys. They depress me. Almost everytime I hear a song in a major key I try to tune it out.