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February 23, 2005
soap tears
I took a break this afternoon for a bit to watch today's All My Children. And man, the show's not......
from kadyellebee at February 23, 2005 03:42 PM
June 01, 2004
new intros to soaps
I :heart: updated soap intros and commercials. I just noticed the middle of ATWT has a new little image gallery.......
from kadyellebee at June 01, 2004 02:14 PM
May 23, 2004
I've been TiVoing General Hospital every day since I got the TiVo in March. I haven't watched much because I don't really have the time, but I've been keeping up through the TVGuide updates and Soap News and Scoops. That way, I figured, if I saw that s......
from Life in the Zu at May 23, 2004 05:09 PM
May 15, 2004
MT3: ACTIVE blogs and authors
This morning, Mena posted some revisions and question/answers about Movable Type 3.0: Developers Edition. They clarify a lot of the......
from kadyellebee at May 15, 2004 03:41 PM
April 28, 2004
Marlena didn't let her family talk her out of taking the truth serum. Everyone cried a lot and begged her, but she has to know the truth. So, I guess this will be drug out for the next 3 days...
from A Little Bit of Soap at April 28, 2004 04:09 AM
April 27, 2004
Smart Cookie
Hope is a smart cookie, although she really doesn't know it yet but I bet she's figured out Stephano IS behind this whole Marlena/Serial killer thing. He's got to be. Even though they didn't find a brain chip, he's had...
from A Little Bit of Soap at April 27, 2004 04:21 AM
April 24, 2004
Help Me Die?
Oh please... Marlena asked John to help her die, after the tests came back normal, with no brain tumor or anything that could cause her to act as she has. I guess I was mistaken about what Nicole wanted to...
from A Little Bit of Soap at April 24, 2004 06:13 AM
April 23, 2004
4 Days in a Nut Shell
Marlena isn't posessed, she got put in jail. The inmates were giving her a hard time, and Nicole and her friend from the "inside" set her up to kill another prisoner. They did some tests on Marlena to see if...
from A Little Bit of Soap at April 23, 2004 05:53 AM
April 17, 2004
It was interesting, when Marlena saw Nicole at the funeral, and remembered that she had seen her and Jan Spears together... it was like a glimpse of that other person was peeking through. I still am not sure it is...
from A Little Bit of Soap at April 17, 2004 05:43 AM
April 16, 2004
He has to be behind Marlena being the serial killer. After yesterday's episode, I think now more than ever the true Marlena is back, maybe the fall did something to what ever Stephano had done to her. That stupid Jan,...
from A Little Bit of Soap at April 16, 2004 05:47 AM