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It's September, friends, what does that mean? Time to look at the new fall tv premeires and pick what shows I want to pay attention to! I admittedly have watched less lately (my TiVo feels neglected) and need to fix the channels still after our last cable downgrade (the digital channel numbers changed!) but I'm getting excited for my favorite shows to return and to pick up a few new ones.

I need also to investigate my options for watching more of these shows on my iPad, that worked really successfully for me with shows last year when I was watching them on my own (without E!). I'm marking the ones I will do a "spree" as such, because some shows just make more sense to me when I can watch them one after another, so I save them up and do a sprint, or binge through them!

I hope you enjoy this listing as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Please do comment with the shows you plan to watch and/or links to your posts about the new tv season!

I've enjoyed making these plans for many years now. (2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001).

Kristine's TV picks, 2013-2014

Note: All times listed are Pacific.


Bones, FOX 8PM Monday (September 16, season 9)

Drama. I am not yet caught up with the end of the previous season, but I'll be taping these and will hopefully catch up with the second half of season 8 and then will be ready for 9. I do really love seeing these in a giant run. Also, FOX is moving this show (again) to Fridays in November, so that probably signals the end of the show.

watch as "spree"

Kristine's Score: maybe

Castle, ABC 10pm Monday (September 23, season 6)

Drama. I was shocked by the last few seconds of season 5. Can't wait to keep watching. Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic and the rest of the cast are just super.

watch on tuesdays

Kristine's Score: yes

How I Met Your Mother, CBS 8PM Monday (September 23, season 9)

Comedy. Although I didn't watch all of the previous season, I feel like I shoud watch the final season.

watch as "spree"

Kristine's Score: maybe

Honorable Mention: Dancing with the Stars, ABC 8PM Monday; The Blacklist, NBC 10PM Monday (New!)


Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, ABC 8PM Tuesday (September 24, new!)

Drama: Action. I am FREAKING excited for this! A new Joss Whedon show? yes, please! It will be a great way to hear more about the team behind the Avengers between blockbuster movies, and with this crew, I have faith it will be excellent.

watch in real-time

Kristine's Score: yes

The Originals, TheCW 8PM Tuesday (October 8, new!)

Drama. The companion show to The Vampire Diaries. The lead-in episode wasn't very strong, but I like the actors from the Original vampires enough to tune in and give it a try. I am surprised they didn't put it on the same night as TVD.

Kristine's Score: probably

Honorable Mention: Supernatural, TheCW 9PM Tuesday (October 8, season 9); Person of Interest, CBS 10PM Tuesday (September 24, season 3)


Revolution, NBC 8PM Wednesday (September 25, season 2)

Drama: Action. I like the actors and the premise behind this. E got tired of it early, and so I haven't seen all of season 1. But I do plan to catch up and will tape the new season so I can learn the mystery behind the power outage!

watch as "spree"

Kristine's Score: maybe

Nashville, ABC 10PM Wednesday (September 25, season 2)

Drama. This show really started off strong and kept me really interested throughout. I loved the songs, the storylines were engaging, and I'm excited to see where they go next.

watch on iPad

Kristine's Score: should

Honorable Mention: The Tomorrow People, TheCW 9PM Wednesday (October 9, new!)


The Vampire Diaries, TheCW 8PM Thursday (October 3, season 5)

Drama. While I'm not quite as excited about this upcoming season as I was the last, I'm still excited to see what happens next. I'm unsure about the doppelgangerStefan storyline, but it could be fun. Damon/Elana back this season?! :)

watch in real-time

Kristine's Score: yes

Scandal, ABC 10PM Thursday (October 3, season 3)

Drama. Absolutely ecstatic to see what's next for these characters. I loved having the full season for season 2, because we learned so many twists and turns. Can anyone in the show be selfless enough to find happiness for more than 20 minutes? we'll see!

watch on iPad

Kristine's Score: yes

Big Bang Theory, CBS 8PM Thursday (September 26, season 7)

Comedy. Good geeky fun. Both Eric and I enjoy it. I love how the show has integrated the girls into the storylines.

watch on fridays

Kristine's Score: yes

Elementary, CBS 10 PM Thursday (September 26, season 2)

Drama. While I wasn't sure if it would be good, this turned out to be very engaging and interesting. I love the interactions between Sherlock and Joan. I am quite interested to see where the Moriarty storyline goes.

watch on fridays

Kristine's Score: should

Honorable Mention: Once Upon A Time In Wonderland, ABC 8PM Thursday (October 10, new!); Reign, TheCW 9PM Thursday (Ocotober 17, new!)


Honorable Mention: Grimm, NBC 9PM Friday (October 25, season 3); Hawaii Five-0, CBS 9PM Friday (September 27, season 4)


Once Upon A Time, ABC 8PM Sunday (September 29, Season 3)

Drama. Another great show, I love how Disney keeps working their storylines into the town of Storybrooke. It seems like some of the revelations at the end of last season will be far-reaching and impact a lot at the beginning of this year. I love Gennifer Goodwin, watching for knitwear, and beautiful makeup in both worlds.

watch on mondays

Kristine's Score: yes

Honorable Mention: Revenge, ABC 9PM Sunday (September 29, season 3)


Red Hot, Must See TV! (6 shows): yes

There's a big reason why I should watch (2 shows): should

Probably want to watch (1 show): probably

Maybe this will be good (3 shows): maybe

Honorable mentions (6 shows)

Networks abc: 5 | cbs: 3 | nbc: 1 | fox: 1 | thecw: 2

Type comedies: 2 | dramas: 10 (mix of case-solving, action, traditional drama)
returning: 10 | new: 2


Almost Human FOX, 8PM Monday (new!) - coming in November

from JJ Abrams with Karl Urban

Intellegence CBS, 10PM Monday (new!) - coming in February

with Josh Holloway.

Killer Women ABC (new!)

with Tricia Helfer and Marc Blucas.

The 100 TheCW (new!)

Star-Crossed TheCW (new!)

These are a few of the big sites I use to gather my data, along with TiVo (and it's site) to manage my season passes.


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