home renovations, phase six

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The last four weeks, I've been posting about my home remodelarama, what I'm cheerfully tagging it when I make instagram posts. You can see Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, Phase 4, and Phase 5 for the before and progress photos and info.


Much of the work is complete, and everything is falling into place!

home renovations, phase five

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The last four weeks, I've been posting about my home remodelarama, what I'm cheerfully tagging it when I make instagram posts. You can see Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, and Phase 4 for the before and progress photos and info.


The end is approaching!

home renovations, phase four

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The last three weeks, I've been posting about my home remodelarama, what I'm cheerfully tagging it when I make instagram posts. You can see Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3 for the before and progress photos and info.


I am seeing so much progress!  Things are really coming together.

home renovations, phase 3

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The last two weeks, I've been posting about my home remodelarama, what I'm cheerfully tagging it when I make instagram posts. You can see Phase 1 and Phase 2 for the before and progress photos and info.


So where are we at? another very productive week happened!

home renovations, phase 2

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Last week, I wrote about home renovations, phase 1. Let's see where we've come.

Much work went into the flooring over the course of the week. The entire downstairs is completely done with the that! The old trim has been nailed back up as well. Many of the big dings and problems in the walls have been patched. and more!


home renovations, phase 1

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Let me take you on a little tour. I live in a condo with my husband, for the last 11+ years. When faced with the choice between buying something that suited us better or staying here a little while longer, we choose to hang on here and make some changes we could enjoy for the next few years that would also improve resalability.


Primary thing that has been bothersome the entire 11 years is a countertop dividing the kitchen from the dining room. One of the two drawers wouldn't open due to the refrigerator, and one of the cabinets was super deep and that made it super hard to get things out of it! Plus, a large stain on the carpet has always had to be covered because the previous owner couldn't get it out (and an additional stain from spilling coffee since!)

blogging is alive and well!

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I responded to a topic on Carla's blog and then worked it out into a guest post for her site this week.

CarlaBirnbirg.com: Is Blogging Dead? I say NO!

documenting in many ways
documenting my life in many ways!

one of my favorite quotes: (if I do say so myself!)

And it's what I can, when I can, in its own way, because those long hours I spent blogging aren't as realistic for me as they were when I was less active from my fibromyalgia! capture the moments I CAN to document what I CAN!

psst, if you haven't already checked out the What You Can, When You Can movement and book, you should :) I reviewed the book on episode 55 of yarnings.

Blogging for me is definitely about documenting, and that means more than this one place on the Internet, it's everywhere I share my life. It's not the same as it was in 2000 when I started. but ya know, I am not the same either!

Check out the post, leave a comment for Carla and about how blogging has shifted for YOU!


bday 39 mix

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Every year, I like to go on a drive with shopping on my birthday. This year, illness struck our house at just the wrong time and it got postponed. So I'm finally getting ready to go again and had to set up my playlist to go along with. My bday mixes generally take some of my favorites and a few extra tracks I buy from my wishlist.

I had been meaning to get The Doubleclick's previous album I didn't have. They are such a fun duo, from Portland and I've seen them 3 times now in person. So Lasers and Feelings was added to the mix, and I put the other songs I have in the list in case we ended up with extra time, as sometimes happens when we get in traffic! I've just kickstarted'd their next one, President Snake, so I'll be continuing to enjoy their new silly geeky fun songs in the near future.

first song is always...

the first song is always..."

  • 1 - Ready to Go (US Mix) - Republica
  • 2 - Are You Happy Now? - Michelle Branch
  • 3 - Cherry Lips - Garbage. originally from the Krissy birthday mix from my dear friend Rina.
  • 4 - Fighter - Christina Aguilera
  • 5 - I Knew You Were Trouble - Taylor Swift
  • 6 - Loud Music - Michelle Branch. NEW! - a Michelle song I didn't have? sweet!
  • 7 - Let Me Go - Avril Lavigne feat. Chad Kroeger
  • 8 - There for You - Flyleaf. NEW!
  • 9 - This is How It Goes - Aimee Mann
  • 10 - Breathe (2 AM) - Anna Nalick
  • 11 - Tomorrow Is Gonna Be Better - Joshua Radin
  • 12 - Hello Seattle (Remix) - Owl City
  • 13 - In My Veins (feat. Erin McCarley) - Andrew Belle
  • 14 - A Drop In the Ocean - Ron Pope. NEW! originally heard on Vampire Diaries
  • 15 - Come Back Down (feat. Sara Bareilles) - Greg Laswell
  • 16 - Possession - Sarah McLachlan
  • 17 - You Killed Romeo (feat. Steve Burton) - Jonathan Jackson + Enation. NEW! Steve wrote this, and it's been on my radar for a while.
  • 18 - Somebody Help Me (Theme from "Tru Calling") - Full Blown Rose
  • 19 - What You Don't Know - Jonatha Brooke
  • 20 - Miss Invisible - MariĆ© Digby. NEW!
  • 21 - Gone Away - Lucy Schwartz
  • 22 - Life in Letters - Lucy Schwartz. NEW!
  • 23 - Beauty In Walking Away - MariĆ© Digby
  • 24 - Fire - Ingrid Michaelson
  • 25 - Love Beside Me - Sarah McLachlan
  • 26 - Into the Fire - Thirteen Senses. NEW!
  • 27 - Down - Mat Kearney. NEW!

Christmas Music

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I've been a collector of Christmas albums over the year. I have a special affinity for Christian Christmas albums that feature my favorite artists or a good combination of traditional and original songs. Here is my current list in case you need ideas, listed from newest to oldest!

Francesca Battistelli's Christmas, 2012
Steven Curtis Chapman's Joy, 2012
BarlowGirl's Home For Christmas, 2008
Sara Groves' O Holy Night, 2008
Casting Crowns' Peace on Earth, 2008
Michael W. Smith's It's a Wonderful Christmas, 2007
Sarah McLachlan's Wintersong, 2006
Steven Curtis Chapman's All I Really Want for Christmas, 2005
Steven Curtis Chapman's The Music of Christmas, 1995
Michael W. Smith's Christmas, 1993
Amy Grant's Home for Christmas, 1992
various artists:
Jars of Clay, Sixpence None the Richer, Leigh Nash, Tori Amos, Jaci Velasquez, Rebecca St. James, Jewel, Owl City, Plumb, Kari Jobe, Brandon Heath, Meredith Andrews. City on a Hill collaboration tracks.

TV season 2015-2015

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My TV grid is a wee little grid this year. so much that it's just a mini post-it rather than a digital plan or a grand list. I've been making TV posts for years though, and so I wanted to keep with tradition and type it up anyhow :) Besides, it is a good problem to have when time for TV has decreased due to other life activities!

TV season 2014-2015

Over the summer, I almost made it through Scandal from the beginning again. Together, we finished off the last half-season of Leverage, and the last half-season that Netflix had of White Collar. We started rewatching Firefly. Besides that, it has been board games for us as a couple and podcasts filling up my alone time.

in order of priority...

  • T 9pm: Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., season 2 ABC. returns 9/23. to watch in real time w/E!
  • Th 9pm: Scandal, season 4 ABC. returns 9/25. to watch alone on Friday evenings on ABC app.
  • M 10pm: Castle, season 7 ABC. returns 9/29. to watch w/E on Tuesdays.
  • Th 10pm: Elementary, season 3 CBS. returns 10/30. to watch with E during the weekend.
  • W 10pm: Nashville, season 3 ABC. returns 9/24. watch on ABC app, alone as I find time.
  • M 8pm: The Big Bang Theory, season 8 CBS. returns 9/22, moves to Th later. watch with E during the weekend, maybe, if it still appeals to us after a few eps in - we were getting tired of it by the end of last season.
  • Agent Carter, New on ABC for midseason.

I did not watch promos for any of the new shows. And I trimmed back my list of existing shows substantially. And that's the story!

I've enjoyed making these plans for many years now. (2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001).


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