blogging is alive and well!

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I responded to a topic on Carla's blog and then worked it out into a guest post for her site this week. Is Blogging Dead? I say NO!

documenting in many ways
documenting my life in many ways!

one of my favorite quotes: (if I do say so myself!)

And it's what I can, when I can, in its own way, because those long hours I spent blogging aren't as realistic for me as they were when I was less active from my fibromyalgia! capture the moments I CAN to document what I CAN!

psst, if you haven't already checked out the What You Can, When You Can movement and book, you should :) I reviewed the book on episode 55 of yarnings.

Blogging for me is definitely about documenting, and that means more than this one place on the Internet, it's everywhere I share my life. It's not the same as it was in 2000 when I started. but ya know, I am not the same either!

Check out the post, leave a comment for Carla and about how blogging has shifted for YOU!


bday 39 mix

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Every year, I like to go on a drive with shopping on my birthday. This year, illness struck our house at just the wrong time and it got postponed. So I'm finally getting ready to go again and had to set up my playlist to go along with. My bday mixes generally take some of my favorites and a few extra tracks I buy from my wishlist.

I had been meaning to get The Doubleclick's previous album I didn't have. They are such a fun duo, from Portland and I've seen them 3 times now in person. So Lasers and Feelings was added to the mix, and I put the other songs I have in the list in case we ended up with extra time, as sometimes happens when we get in traffic! I've just kickstarted'd their next one, President Snake, so I'll be continuing to enjoy their new silly geeky fun songs in the near future.

first song is always...

the first song is always..."

  • 1 - Ready to Go (US Mix) - Republica
  • 2 - Are You Happy Now? - Michelle Branch
  • 3 - Cherry Lips - Garbage. originally from the Krissy birthday mix from my dear friend Rina.
  • 4 - Fighter - Christina Aguilera
  • 5 - I Knew You Were Trouble - Taylor Swift
  • 6 - Loud Music - Michelle Branch. NEW! - a Michelle song I didn't have? sweet!
  • 7 - Let Me Go - Avril Lavigne feat. Chad Kroeger
  • 8 - There for You - Flyleaf. NEW!
  • 9 - This is How It Goes - Aimee Mann
  • 10 - Breathe (2 AM) - Anna Nalick
  • 11 - Tomorrow Is Gonna Be Better - Joshua Radin
  • 12 - Hello Seattle (Remix) - Owl City
  • 13 - In My Veins (feat. Erin McCarley) - Andrew Belle
  • 14 - A Drop In the Ocean - Ron Pope. NEW! originally heard on Vampire Diaries
  • 15 - Come Back Down (feat. Sara Bareilles) - Greg Laswell
  • 16 - Possession - Sarah McLachlan
  • 17 - You Killed Romeo (feat. Steve Burton) - Jonathan Jackson + Enation. NEW! Steve wrote this, and it's been on my radar for a while.
  • 18 - Somebody Help Me (Theme from "Tru Calling") - Full Blown Rose
  • 19 - What You Don't Know - Jonatha Brooke
  • 20 - Miss Invisible - MariĆ© Digby. NEW!
  • 21 - Gone Away - Lucy Schwartz
  • 22 - Life in Letters - Lucy Schwartz. NEW!
  • 23 - Beauty In Walking Away - MariĆ© Digby
  • 24 - Fire - Ingrid Michaelson
  • 25 - Love Beside Me - Sarah McLachlan
  • 26 - Into the Fire - Thirteen Senses. NEW!
  • 27 - Down - Mat Kearney. NEW!

Christmas Music

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I've been a collector of Christmas albums over the year. I have a special affinity for Christian Christmas albums that feature my favorite artists or a good combination of traditional and original songs. Here is my current list in case you need ideas, listed from newest to oldest!

Francesca Battistelli's Christmas, 2012
Steven Curtis Chapman's Joy, 2012
BarlowGirl's Home For Christmas, 2008
Sara Groves' O Holy Night, 2008
Casting Crowns' Peace on Earth, 2008
Michael W. Smith's It's a Wonderful Christmas, 2007
Sarah McLachlan's Wintersong, 2006
Steven Curtis Chapman's All I Really Want for Christmas, 2005
Steven Curtis Chapman's The Music of Christmas, 1995
Michael W. Smith's Christmas, 1993
Amy Grant's Home for Christmas, 1992
various artists:
Jars of Clay, Sixpence None the Richer, Leigh Nash, Tori Amos, Jaci Velasquez, Rebecca St. James, Jewel, Owl City, Plumb, Kari Jobe, Brandon Heath, Meredith Andrews. City on a Hill collaboration tracks.

TV season 2015-2015

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My TV grid is a wee little grid this year. so much that it's just a mini post-it rather than a digital plan or a grand list. I've been making TV posts for years though, and so I wanted to keep with tradition and type it up anyhow :) Besides, it is a good problem to have when time for TV has decreased due to other life activities!

TV season 2014-2015

Over the summer, I almost made it through Scandal from the beginning again. Together, we finished off the last half-season of Leverage, and the last half-season that Netflix had of White Collar. We started rewatching Firefly. Besides that, it has been board games for us as a couple and podcasts filling up my alone time.

in order of priority...

  • T 9pm: Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., season 2 ABC. returns 9/23. to watch in real time w/E!
  • Th 9pm: Scandal, season 4 ABC. returns 9/25. to watch alone on Friday evenings on ABC app.
  • M 10pm: Castle, season 7 ABC. returns 9/29. to watch w/E on Tuesdays.
  • Th 10pm: Elementary, season 3 CBS. returns 10/30. to watch with E during the weekend.
  • W 10pm: Nashville, season 3 ABC. returns 9/24. watch on ABC app, alone as I find time.
  • M 8pm: The Big Bang Theory, season 8 CBS. returns 9/22, moves to Th later. watch with E during the weekend, maybe, if it still appeals to us after a few eps in - we were getting tired of it by the end of last season.
  • Agent Carter, New on ABC for midseason.

I did not watch promos for any of the new shows. And I trimmed back my list of existing shows substantially. And that's the story!

I've enjoyed making these plans for many years now. (2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001).


are you Vivid and Brave?

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do you live in a way that people see you as VIVID & BRAVE? Do you have a spirit of being true to yourself that shines out in your confidence?

I'm participating in Vivid & Brave's coaching group to help my words flow more authentically when telling my stories. I love stories, you know. I can't help but tell the background behind a craft project or the childhood rememberence that comes up when smelling an aroma. So when Christine (with a Ch!), a friend from many years of blogging, approached me about joining the Vivid and Brave coaching, I was excited to consider the opportunity.


What does VIVID mean to me? I want to let my sparkle show. Not just the sparkles on my eyes and headbands and jewelry, but the sparkle in my eyes from happiness. The glow of my skin from being healthy. The shine of my smile while telling a joke. The colors that make me smile, in my clothes AND in my hair!

What doss BRAVE mean to me? Standing out, not just fading into the background. Boldness in my beliefs and sharing truthful opinions. Sharing deeply with close friends. Talking about what I'm passionate about to a bigger audience, like my blog or a group of crafters.

My name is Kristine, and I want to live vividly and with bravery! What do you do in your life to live with this spirit?


knitting, January/February 2014

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What have I been knitting on lately? I had several deadlines to knit for over the holiday season, and so it was a joy to get back to knitting what I enjoyed. In December, I cast on several things that I didn't give much focus until after the holidays. And then I had a sample knit in January. This month, I'm participating in some knitalongs. I'm really enjoying my knitting time.

FO: aangel shawl. I was swooning over a holiday colorway of Blue Moon Fiber Arts (pin) and my sweet friend Alicia sent it to me. it was a very angel-like thing to do, and it seemed perfect for the Be My Angel shawl by Martina Behm. I continued to participate in the Knitmore Girls behmalong with this project (following my Magrathea).

FO: Zaria shawl. When winter knitty 2013 came out, I loved the idea of Zaria by Shannon Squire of Portland's Twisted. I'd been trying to find the perfect pattern for some yarn my friend Erica dyed me, and this was perfect when held double. The yarn has burgundy, and a pinky red, and purple, and some blue in it, and it looks like the colors I put in my hair! I paired it with a coral that was sitting in my stash I was considering for an old project, and it is a little garish but an interesting combo. I realized after finishing the lace that I had changed which side of the shawl was increasing more quickly but I think it still works okay. The i-cord bind off really tied it all together nicely. Finished this for Finishuary with the Brass Needles podcast.

WIP: dubsteps. The Blurred Line socks by Megan Williams of Stockinette Zombies were on my mind since she first showed them off. When I managed to grab a destashing of my first Vesper sock from Meliabella, I knew they had to become this pattern. Since the yarn had no nylon, though, I decided to do them at a tighter gauge than my normal socks (down to size 0) and to reinforce the ball of the foot where I've been wearing socks out. These are coming along, I may have made them a touch big around but it think they'll be okay. I'm just slowly knitting on them between other stuff. These were named dubsteps because of the music name Megan had when naming the pattern and I've been enjoying dubstep-type music lately! These will be submitted for the Self-striping KAL for Stockinette Zombies.

WIP: Follow MY arrow. This is the mystery shawl from Ysolda Teague. I had never done a mystery shawl before and I was intrigued by the choose your own adventure style of the pattern. Every clue had two options to pick from. So far, I am in clue 4. I'm seeing the final clue on a few friends shawls, and it has me pausing to decide if I like it enough to finish. I could still unravel it (I didn't cut any of the yarn between color changes) and use it for a different purpose. Although it's a cool idea, I'm just unsure if it is one I will use a lot. If I do complete this, I'll submit it for Finishuary for Brass Needles and KnerdGirl Knits KAL. If I don't finish it, I may frog for Sassypantsknitter out with the old, in with the new KAL.

WIP: Crawling Roses. For the Rose City Yarn Crawl by Michele pdxknitterati, I wanted to participate in their mystery KAL and participate with my local yarn store's yarn choice. Pearl Fiber Arts was using a new-to-me yarn company, Thouroughly Thwacked, and I knew that would be fun to get to try something new. I picked two colors of reds and cast on right after the first clue came out. I got a little behind on clue 3, but saw a spoiler for a longer version from the designer, and I jumped on that idea but slightly different. I'm almost back to the end of clue 3. Knitting for the RCYC KAL and finishing for Finishuary with the Brass Needles podcast.

stylista, jan 2014

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My wardrobe has changed an awful lot since last year at this time. Like almost entirely because of the difference in size. So I'm learning how to purchase pieces that can mix and match more easily. I have a limited number of winter wear, so I'm layering a lot. Instagram is getting to see a glimpse into some of my favorite #girly outfits, so I'll link a few of them below :)

Jan 5: pulled together a out/groc look with layers against the cold and comfy stuff - knit citron shawl and spring forward socks. striped shirt, black button up and jeans from old navy. necklace from world market. and pinks on my eyes are nyx jumbo eye pencils with a cover girl jumbo gloss balm on the lips. simple but a comfy #girly look!
jan 6: I would enjoy this outfit a little more if the speckled one wasn't so silky and move around so much! I'm adjusting layers far more than I'd like to. but it is a fun color combo so I keep trying!
Jan 8: yoga-Kristine returns! #watchmedothis back to yoga-pilates after the break.
Jan 10: oops, I think I erred on the side of too-fancy for an impromptu lunch out. very comfy tho, this skirt/dress layers great with everything. shawl is Cladonia
Jan 11: took this pic especially for @emiliaguth who LOVES my affection & enthusiasm over my Joss shirt ;) #whedonesque #girly #kristine plus my Enchanting Temptress sweater and Coraline socks. and a bit of a funny perspective from holding the mirror.
Jan 12: the Kristine of today - grey shirt and floral print sweater; black cord skirt, leggings, and boots; and magrathea shawl with matching mamba necklace (tied long this time). confident and casual feeling for a downtown Portland outing of lunch, yarn pick up, spice store, and mall/other stores. #girly #kristine
Jan 13: yes, my shirt has a ball of yarn on it ;) from @twistedpdx + #austinhoodie and TDTU socks and @bama_ry jewelry. #kristine #girly

Common themes: comfy and cozy. always at least one handknit. layered textures and prints. Kristine-colors. favorite jewelry.

Do any of them seem more "kristine-y" than others? :)


kristine rock

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Kristine rock

When me and my siblings were little, we would often drive to the beach. I wasn't a big fan of the long 2 1/2 drive on curvy car-sick-causing road with my many siblings, or getting sandy on the beach and driving home with wet clothes after dark. So one trip, my dad told us we were going to "Kristine Rock", giving it a special name to try and entice me to enjoy the trip. We made many trips after that to Kristine Rock, and even though the smell of beans for our traditional picnic lunch of Haystacks didn't set well with me, I felt special enough that I put up with it. Several trips, we rerouted the water flowing from the creek into the ocean, and then came back and found our new waterway had stayed where it was, so we switched it again. My siblings and I still call it Kristine Rock to this day.

Fogerty Creek
red dot is for kristine rock!

The actual location is Fogerty Creek, just south of Lincoln City, OR before you get to Depoe Bay, OR. There is a creek and depending on which side of the driveway you go in, you end up on either side of the creek and can climb on the rock from the south side.

I made E visit with me on one of our Anniversary trips - this is June 2007:

Kristine circa 2007

And on Christmas Day, I took my inlaws to visit. it was a beautiful December day. Clear sky, beautiful waves, and some great photo ops.

beach waves
click through for Instagram video

And many years later, I still feel special that my dad "named" the rock after me :)

...and that's the story!


minor girly dubstep

I am generally a slow adopter when it comes to music. But when something resonates with me, I love finding similar artists and songs to add to my life. Sometimes, this exploration comes through pandora suggesting songs to me, as this new genre did.

I've always loved minor key songs, there are old posts in my blog dedicated to this finding. If you ask my husband, that makes for whiny chick music, and I'm okay with that :D

Kristine on dubstep
my iTunes window :)

But a dance beat? that's new. dubstep. take some awesome female voices, minor key, add awesome base and some techie sounds or remixy noises... it's workin' for me! Okay and variations on those themes, they don't all have all of those things :)


I deduced yesterday that perhaps I'm enjoying these songs hat make me want to dance BECAUSE I have more energy and they are energizing. sweet!

Here's what I have so far:

  • Fortune Days by The Glitch Mob
  • Cracks (Ft. Belle Humble) (Flux Pavillion Remix) by Freestylers
  • Hayling by FC Kahuna
  • I Need Your heart (Ft. Kai) by Adventure Club
  • Crave You (Adventure Club Remix) by Flight Facilities
  • I Remember by deadmau5
  • Runnin' by Cutline
  • Sail by AWOLNATION
  • ... my pandora dub station has some of the other songs I've thumbs up'd :)
  • and a few older ones that seemed to match: Radioactive by Imagine Dragons, Too Close by Alex Clare, and 6 Underground by Sneaker Pimps (from The Saint)

got any recommendations?


fit kristine: 4 thoughts and a link

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I've been thinking about being fit and exercise. Here are 4 things in my brain:

  1. I have historically had a hard time with consistency in my workout. My illnesses, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, kind dictated that. There were months and years where my greatest success was walking up and down the stairs a few times a day, or getting the mail. Right now, I can do a little more than that. So recently, I've been captivated by the concept Roni threw out into the interwebs of "what you can, when you can" (see #wycwyc on twitter). That model is one that fits well with my challenges.
  2. I also love measurable changes. So watching the data from mapmywalk and seeing increases in distance and speed has been making me feel super. I've been watching for cloud breaks to take advantage of as many rain-free days as I can before Washington becomes all-rain, all-the-time for a few months. Even then, I've been trying to remind myself that I don't melt and I can get a better raincoat and keep walking some! I'm considering walking the Virtual Turkey Trot on thanksgiving morning to celebrate and be thankful for my health.
  3. I'm still working on accepting the truth that my health is still my primary focus right now. As much as I'd like there to be an end in sight, it's a journey that will take my time away from most other activities in my life.
  4. I've been learning more about eating appropriately for my activities. Stay tuned for more on that in the future.

Also, my questions were answered in a blog post on Exercising with Fibromyalgia by the fabulous fitnessy Fun and Fit twins, and it made me look like a rockstar! I am currently doing yoga/pilates, walking, light dumbbell weights, and my exercise bike. I would like to try hula hooping, kettle bells, and maybe even Zumba or swimming someday down the road. Their post is great for anyone learning how to balance their fitness activities to best fit their needs.

...and that's the story!


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