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I really enjoy planning out the new TV season. I've been doing it for more than 10 years and quite a few years on my blog even. (2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001).

One thing I've noticed this year while looking at the options is that I have trimmed down my expectations. I've got 4 new shows that I'm trying out, but only Flash Forward really is really standing out. I've added House this season, which isn't a new shows, but new to us because we've almost caught up with the previous seasons. We are close to being caught up with How I Met Your Mother, but not quite, and it's on during the Monday 8PM hour which is already tricky, so we'll keep watching that on DVDs.

I lost a lot of shows last season. Some were cancelled like ER and Pushing Daisies. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is probably the one I'm feeling the most loss for. I simply stopped watching Chuck, Fringe, Desperate Housewives, and a couple of the things that I started out watching, I lost interest just knowing they were cancelled before they were done.

Another thing that's great going into this season is having a TiVo DT that tapes two shows at once. That will make several time slots easier. DWTS will still need to be watched on or with the VCR in the other room.

I'm looking forward to the new season just to have something new to watch - the summer has been a little dry and short of shows, and so we caught up on a lot of Netflix shows (both physical disks and watch instantly titles). And I've watched a ton of HGTV this summer - and I'm seeing lots of things get recorded that I've already watched, so I'm ready to slow down on that. I did stop watching my Soaps as well, and I may restart General Hospital if I get bored!

Enjoy the preview of my plans!


Dancing with the Stars, ABC 8PM Monday (Sept 21, season 9)
results: Dancing with the Stars, ABC 9PM Tuesday (Sept 22, season 9)

Reality. I'm cheering for Melissa Joan Hart this year, and there aren't a lot of other contestants that I'm interested in to even cheer at. But as always, I'm a big fan of the professional dancers, and watching to see how they put together dances is really a highlight.

Kristine's Score: should

Castle, ABC 10PM Monday (Sept 21, season 2)

Drama. Okay, Nathan Fillion dragged me in, but I ended up enjoying the stories. So I'll be back, hopefully they can keep the writing great, and NF can just continue to charm me.

Kristine's Score: should

Heroes, NBC 8PM Monday (Sept 21, season 4)

Drama. Although this has been my most-looked-forward-to-show in the past, I didn't really enjoy last season as much. I am hoping it will get better very quickly into the season and give me good reason to be excited on a Monday night.

Kristine's Score: should

House, FOX 8PM Monday (Sept 21, season 6)

Drama. So here's the deal: We borrowed the first two seasons from my brother-in-law and the third from my friend Leslie. It wasn't hard for me to get hooked. I love Chase and I love Cameron. It just really stands out from other shows on TV to me. We are half-way through with season five now (on Netflix), so we may have to TiVo a few weeks before we get caught up, but I'd rather not get spoiled about how five ended so I can enjoy it.

Kristine's Score: yes


Dancing with the Stars, results

see above...

Kristine's Score: should

Warehouse 13, Syfy 9PM Tuesday (Currently on, NEW)

Finishing out the first season - over by the end of September, but renewed for next summer already.

Kristine's Score: yes

The Forgotton, ABC 10PM Tuesday (Sept 22, NEW)

Drama: Christian Slater. I don't know, I watched a Christian Slater show last season and it disappeared pretty quick. The premise doesn't seem all that different from something like Bones. So I'll give it a week and try it out.

Kristine's Score: maybe


Eastwick, ABC 10PM Wednesday (Sept 23, NEW)

Drama: Rebecca Romjan, Lindsey Price. This is being touted as the New Charmed. I enjoy that type of show, and I like these actresses, so I figure I'll give it a try. E probably won't be so keen on this show!

Kristine's Score: maybe


Flash Forward, ABC 8PM Thursday (Sept 24, New)

Drama: Sonya Walger. The flashes during Lost last season had my interest peeked. The preview looks solid and I think it could be good. I'm not sure about pairing it with the GA/PP night, but whatever. I hope this turns out to be a good one.

Kristine's Score: should

Grey's Anatomy, ABC 9PM Thursday (Sept 24, season 6)

Drama. I ran out of steam while watching last season, and ended up watching the last 5 eps of the season online a month later. So I've watched almost the whole series by this point, and I'm interested enough to try it again, but I am loosing a little patience with the writers. And since I like Katherine Heigl, it's hard to read any news about GA without hearing negativity.

Kristine's Score: should

Private Practice, ABC 10PM Thursday (Oct 1, season 3)

Drama. The second season didn't catch me as much as the first, but I'm interested to see where they go next. I still love this group of actors, and they do a terrific job of getting good guest stars. If I had to choose between GA and PP, I seem to enjoy PP more.

Kristine's Score: should

Bones, FOX 8PM Thursday (Sept 17, season 5)

Drama. Oh yes, I can't wait for Bones to come back. The end of last season was crazy, seeing where they go next will be good. I haven't read a lot of casting notes, so I'm not sure what they'll do with the rotating lab assistants this season. It was kinda fun to have all of them around. John Francis Daley was also lots of fun last season. This is certainly one of my favorite shows, and I'm working on collecting the seasons on DVD to rewatch!

Kristine's Score: yes

The Office, NBC 9PM Thursday (Sept 17, season 6)

Comedy. Meh. It's funny, but gotten stale. Maybe they'll bring me back with romance this season. E keeps watching, so it stays on my list.

Kristine's Score: probably


Dollhouse, FOX 9PM Friday (Sept 25, season 2)

Drama. Must Watch Dollhouse. Dollhouse Dollhouse Dollhouse. :D I knew I'd watch anything Joss and Eliza did, but I loved it last season. I still haven't seen Epitath One, I need to get the DVDs, but I'm not sure if I'll make it before the premiere. I really enjoyed all the unknown actors, as well as the familiar ones that came to visit.

Kristine's Score: yes

Numb3rs, CBS 10PM Friday (Sept 25, season 6)

Drama. Here's another show that I really enjoy, more every year. The writers and the actors just keep doing a great job at making more levels of storyline to keep me entertained. Seeing where they go with Charlie and Amida will be nice, too.

Kristine's Score: yes

Stargate: Universe, Syfy 9PM Friday (October 2, NEW)

Ming-Na, Robert Carlyle, Lou Diamond Phillips. I kinda feel like I owe it to SG writers to try out their new show. But then I think back to how disgusted I was at the use of Amanda Tapping on SG:A. The preview does like interesting to me, and so I'm tempted to try it out for a week.

Kristine's Score: maybe


Red Hot, Must See TV! (4 shows): yes

There’s a big reason why I should watch (6 shows): should

Probably want to watch (1 show): probably

Maybe this will be good (3 shows): maybe

Networks   abc: 7 | cbs: 1 | nbc: 2 | fox: 3 | syfy: 2


White Collar, USA (October, NEW)

I just happened to see this on a list of new shows on IMDB, and I was instantly interested when I saw Matthew Bomer's name ;) I know, I'm easily entertained by him. But then watching the promo, and it really *is* my kind of show. Looking forward to checking it out.

V, ABC 8PM Tuesday (November 3, NEW)

Drama: Morena Baccarin, Elizabeth Mitchell, Joel Gretch, Scott Wolf, Lourdes Benidicto. Watching the full preview today made me excited. I never watched the original V, and so I see connections to Independence Day more than anything. I can't believe how many great stars are on here. This looks like a feature movie I'd love, but extended over the time frame of a short series instead, so I'm very interested to watch.

Leverage, TNT (January, second half of Season 2)

I sure enjoyed the first half of the season, so I have to watch the rest when it returns!

Human Target, FOX 9PM Wednesday (Jan 20, NEW)

Drama: Mark Valley and Chi McBride. The concept has me intrigued, with comic book backgrounds and plus having these actors. I'm curious to see how they write for Chi McBride because he was my favorite part of Pushing Daisies. So I will try this out.

Lost, ABC (early 2010, final season 6)

This will be an exciting final season, I'm sure!

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