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Once again, this year I reviewed the fall tv shows and made a plan on what I want to see. I've been doing this since college on paper, and on my blog since (2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001).

This season, I'm mainly sticking to shows that were on last season. The writers strike made a big impact on both how the networks renewed their serieses and what they came up with for new shows. My favorite new show from last season didn't make it (Journeyman). Their still is quite a bit to watch, as you can see. Enjoy the preview, and let me know what you end up watching!

Note: this was written in August but waited till my new site was ready to be posted! Some of the shows have started already and have notes by them.

Separated out by days...

  • Monday
    • Dancing with the Stars (ABC) Returning, September 22 at 8pm

      Ehh, I got a little down on this show last season. There wasn't anybody I was really hugely thrilled by. I guess we'll see who is going to dance. I'll probably watch it, but I'm not sure how faithful I'll be because it's on at the same time as two other shows. I may have to just watch on, as they have been pretty faithful about having it up the next day. I think at this point, if they don't have any celebs I'm really excited about, I'm mainly watching for the pro dancers who I've come to love.

      Updated to add... I've seen the list now, and I may watch for Susan Lucci.

      The recap show is on Tuesdays at 9... I did watch most of them last season, we'll see how this year goes

      Kristine's Score: should

    • Chuck (NBC) Returning, September 29 at 8pm

      This was a surprise enjoyment for me last season. E didn't like it was much as me, but I got quite excited to see what happened next. After watching Traveler the previous summer, I was a little ga-ga over Matthew Bomer (well, and Tru Calling reruns), so that also made it fun. Adam Baldwin was a bonus. So for this coming season, I'm interested to see Jordana Brewster for an ep or two, I've loved her for years (As the World Turns was the first place I saw her). Just overall, this makes for a fun comedy/drama/spy addition to my Monday nights.

      Kristine's Score: yes

    • Heroes (NBC) Returning, September 22 at 9pm

      Last year, I think this was my most anticipated show. This year, I'm interested and mildly excited, but I won't start getting excited until the first ep. I really truely believe they'll come back and make it better than what we saw last season, although I'm not as hard on them as some people I see online! I'm hopeful for better Peter storylines, and really interested to see Mrs. Petrelli and see what they all did. The theme of Villians should be interesting. I'm sure I'll be quite a bit more enthusiastic once it's on and bouncing up and down to be able to start watching as soon as I can on Monday nights!

      Kristine's Score: yes

    • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (Fox) Returning, September 8 at 8pm

      I've been rewatching the first season, and it's made me even more excited to watch this. I initially started watching it for Summer Glau, but kept tuning in because I enjoyed it all around. The season really came alive when Brian Austin Green joined the cast, too. Can't wait to see where they go - Leven Rambin of All My Children is joining this next season, and she's one of my favorite AMC actors.

      Updated to add... I enjoyed the season premiere already!

      Kristine's Score: yes

    • Samantha Who? (ABC) Returning, October 6 at 9:30pm

      This is one of those shows that I started watching just because of the timing of it. It sat right along with DwtS and so my VCR generally caught it. I think I still haven't seen the last episode from last season. I do enjoy Christina Applegate (since Don't tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead!), and she sure was funny. Barry Watson was fun, too, it was nice to see him in a comedy role.

      Kristine's Score: maybe

  • Tuesday
    • Eli Stone (ABC) Returning, October 14 at 10pm

      When there wasn't much on during the writer's strike, we tuned into this show. I'm glad we did! I didn't remember seeing Hackers, so we rewatched it on Netflix somewhere over the course of the show, and that was a fun treat. The singing may have been a little funny at times, but we giggled at all the episode titles and George Michael appearances. It was a fun guilty pleasure, and I'm excited that it is coming back so we can see more of Eli's story.

      Kristine's Score: probably

    • Fringe (Fox) New! September 9 at 9pm

      There is a lot of hype surrounding this show. J.J. Abrams, and Joshua Jackson, and cows in parking lots as promotion? Plus, critics are comparing it to X-Files, and if I had been able to watch Fox in my dorm room, I think that show would have been addicting to me - as it was, I came into it a little late and then missed the greatest parts of the series. Anyhow, I'm going to give this one a try!

      Updated to add... The premiere was strong, and kept me interested to see what the underlying story is...

      Kristine's Score: should

  • Wednesday
    • Pushing Daisies (ABC) Returning, October 1 at 8pm

      While this wasn't my favorite show last season, it was a fun diversion. E really enjoyed it, so it's the top of his list this year. I liked the characters, particularly Anna Friel, and I like the storyline with Chuck and Ned. It's all very whimsical and beautifully colored, and the singing feels very appropriate in this show! It should be fun to see how they pick this up after the long break since the last episode.

      Kristine's Score: should

    • Private Practice (ABC) Returning, October 1 at 9pm

      This was a solid spin-off from Grey's Anatomy, and at times, it was more interesting to me than GA. The casting drew me in, there were so many people, I wanted to try it out. And the premise is all a little more adult, which I enjoyed. I can't say I've rewatched any of last season when it's been on, so I know it's not the biggest draw, but I'll certainly try it out again and see if they can build momentum and interestingness quickly on in the first episode.

      Kristine's Score: should

    • Knight Rider (NBC) New! September 24 at 8pm

      So I grew up watching Knight Rider, and when the miniseries was on, I couldn't NOT watch it. Plus, the added bonus of Justin Bruening, who I loved on All My Children, helped as a draw. I actually enjoyed the miniseries. E just laughed from across the room, and didn't get why I would enjoy it. It was actually a fun way to bring back the show, and I'm interested enough to see what they do with the series. I was surprised to hear that Val Kilmer was going to continue with the voice. We'll see what happens the first few eps if I keep watching.

      Encore episodes are on Saturday at 9pm. (Because there is a time conflict, I'd probably need to watch the encore)

      Kristine's Score: probably

    • Bones (Fox) Returning, September 3 at 8pm

      I would say that out of all of the returning shows, I'm most excited about this one. I've been rewatching old eps (not just last year, but Fox has had older ones too) and it's been delightful. Originally, the forensic work was hard to watch, but now I kind of tune that out and watch it for the great characters and relationships. Although I didn't like how it ended with the goromegon storyline last season, it will be interesting to see how they pick it up. And after watching Freaks and Geeks all summer, it will be funner to watch John Francis Daley as a regular now.

      Updated to add... Enjoyed the premiere and looking forward to getting into real storylines instead of UK very sidetracking story!

      Kristine's Score: yes

  • Thursday
    • Grey's Anatomy (ABC) Returning, September 25 at 9pm

      I'll admit it: I have not yet watched all the episodes from after the strike. There are random video tapes in my craft room waiting for me to find time, but it's harder when they aren't on the TiVo yelling at me to watch. I had a harder time getting into this season. Some of the relationships just drove me a little batty. But I am interested to see what comes next for these characters. I just need to find time to watch the end of last season first!

      Kristine's Score: should

    • The Office (NBC) Returning, September 25 at 9pm

      This is such a fun show. It's one of E's favorites, and even though I'm sometimes quite embarrassed for Michael Scott, I laugh every time. The storyline with Jan last season was funny and embarrassing at the same time. I expect this will continue to be good, and I hope for good scenes with Pam and Jim.

      Kristine's Score: probably

    • ER (NBC) Returning, September 25 at 10pm

      This is the final season of ER. I remember watching the first season as a college student. I missed a few in the middle, but I did find that last season, I really looked forward to seeing it again. Even though I like John Stamos, I wasn't a fan of his character last season. But Linda Cardellini, I love her. I'm hoping that Abby and Luka get a good ending and that we really do see some of the people who had been in the past (particularly, I'd like to see Noah Wyle, and I think there's a good chance for that). E doesn't enjoy this show, but I watch it when he's not around!

      Kristine's Score: should

  • Friday
    • Joan of Arcadia in reruns on SciFi

      SciFi stopped playing this, grrrrr... I need to buy the dvds, I guess.

    • Numb3rs (CBS) Returning, October 3 at 10pm

      This is another show I've been looking forward to because of not only the great storylines last year, but also the rerun watching over the summer. I'm so glad that we found this show - it wasn't one we watched from the very beginning because it was on at the same time as something else. But now, it's a must see! I've become quite a fan of David Krumholtz (okay, for quite a while now!) and he plays such a lovable character here. Looking forward to see how he gets his clearance back.

      Kristine's Score: yes

    • Stargate Atlantis (SciFi) Returning, October 10 at 9pm

      We are watching the beginning of the season now, and I just find that every week, I say "I miss SG-1". Ah well, it's still worth watching. This is the final season, so I'll keep watching when it comes back on in October to see how the wrap it up for the TV movies. I do love that Jewel Staite has been made a regular, but I miss Amanda Tapping, and felt that she was so underused and so un-Carter-like last season, which bothered me a lot.

      Kristine's Score: should

    • Sanctuary (SciFi) New! October 3 at 10pm

      I'd like to check this out and see what it's like. Amanda Tapping is the big draw, of course, but I don't know much more than it's a lot of green screening. I didn't see the web series, so I don't have that background, but I understand you don't have to have seen it on the web to watch the TV series. I hope to see more about this as we get closer to October.

      Kristine's Score: maybe

  • Sunday
    • Desperate Housewives (ABC) Returning, September 28 at 9pm

      After quite a while of not watching this show, I got back into it a bit last season. It was fun to catch up with these girls and see where their lives went since I last checked in. This is one of those shows I'll watch if I have time, but won't feel terrible if I miss.

      Kristine's Score: maybe

  • Midseason
    • Lost

      Of course, a list wouldn't be complete without Lost. I sure do miss Lost-Wednesdays, though, especially when the season is starting! It will be a great thing to have waiting at mid-season though.

    • Dollhouse

      Again, this is kind of a "duh, of course" show for me. I jumped with joy when I heard it announced - I love Eliza and I love Joss. The news is everywhere about this, but I'm trying not to get spoiled. Can't wait!

    • Battlestar Galactica

      The rest of the final season. I must see how it ends and who the final cylon is. I'm unspoiled and hope to stay that way!

    • Castle

      I need to at least find out more about this one, it's got Nathan Fillion in it.

Scoring Key:
yes: Red Hot, Must See TV! - There are 5 shows
should: There’s a big reason why I should watch. - There are 7 shows
probably: Probably want to watch. - There are 3 shows
maybe: Maybe this will be good. - There are 3 shows.

abc: 7
cbs: 1
nbc: 5
fox: 3
scifi: 2

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  • - I use this site to look episode by episode by all of my shows. There's a fall preview up right now.
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