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One of my favorite things about fall is planning to get back into my tv-watching routine. It's fun to watch the promos, look at fall scheduling grids, and pay attention to what shows my friends are talking about. Especially since I watched less tv this summer, it will be fun to see what the writers have in store for my favorite characters. So here's my top picks, tv grid, and little notes about it all. Enjoy!


I've enjoyed making these plans for many years now. (2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001). Have you written a post about what shows you are going to watch this fall? Comment, I'd love to hear about it!

Note: All times listed are Pacific.


Dancing With The Stars, ABC 8PM Monday (September 24, Season 15)

I caved and watched the spring season of last year, and I really did enjoy it even though I didn't agree with who won. This season is All Stars. I have to watch it. Some of my very favorite dancers are back (including Kelly Monoco of GH fame who won the first season). iPad watching during household chores.

Kristine's Score: [iPad] should

Castle, ABC 10pm Monday (September 24, season 5)

Again this year, this is one of my most anticipated shows. The way it ended last season has me so anxious to see where they'll pick it up. Please, please don't screw this up!

Kristine's Score: [] yes

How I Met Your Mother, CBS 8PM Monday (September 24, season 8)

I may be watching this season for my loyalty to the actors (NPH and Aly) because last season had very little forward movement!

Kristine's Score: probably


Hawaii Five-0, CBS 10PM Monday (September 24, season 3)

This is a fun show, I like the actors and the way they treat guest stars well. Sometimes more fun if I watch a few in a row, in a potato chippy way :)

Kristine's Score: should

Bones, FOX 8PM Monday (September 17, season 8)

Last season, this fell to my "watch if I have time" pile, and there's still a handful of the end of the season on my TiVo. I like it, I like the actors, but the storylines are getting a little recycled and I'm not sure of the baby things. I'll try again this season.

Kristine's Score: probably


Revolution, NBC 10PM Monday (September 17, New!)

Storylinewise, this is the new show I'm most looking forward to - it certainly sounds like my kind of show. I'm unsure of giving NBC another Monday 10PM slot, rightly so (see "The crappy Event" and "Journeyman"). Good actors, good director for pilot, good writers = crossing fingers!

Kristine's Score: should


Honorable Mention: Heart of Dixie, TheCW 9PM Tuesday (October 2, season 2); Go On NBC 9PM Tuesday (September 11, New!)


Nashville, ABC 10PM Wednesday (October 10, New!)

The preview for this looks interesting - I'd like to see Hayden Panettiere (Heroes) sing. I'm mainly checking it out in support of Jonathan Jackson (GH, The Sarah Conner Chronicles).

Kristine's Score: [iPad] maybe


Chicago Fire, NBC 10PM Wednesday (October 10, New!)

This is not a typical show I would get excited over, by the creator of Law and Order. But bring Jesse Spencer from House and Taylor Kinney from TVD, both looking super hot and I will give it a few episodes!

Kristine's Score: maybe


The Vampire Diaries, TheCW 8PM Thursday (October 11, Season 4)

I cannot wait to see what happens when Elena wakes up. This season promises to be as OMG-ing as the the rest, and I'm totally in.

Kristine's Score: yes


Scandal, ABC 10PM Thursday (September 27, Season 2)

The commercials for the initial short season were interesting enough I tried it and out, and I'm so glad I did. So I'm back for more, even if it is without Desmond. Good writing, huge twists, and I'm interested to learn more about these characters.

Kristine's Score: [iPad]yes

Big Bang Theory, CBS 8PM Thursday (September 27, Season 6)

Good geeky fun. Both Eric and I enjoy it. Bonus, Evil Wil Wheaton shows up from time to time!

Kristine's Score: yes


Elementary, CBS 10 PM Thursday (September 27, New!)

This is the Sherlock Holmes show, starring Johnny Lee Miller (Eli Stone) and Lucy Liu (not the Lucy Luibot!). I haven't seen the BBC's Sherlock, which people are raving about, so I may have less to compare it to. Worth a look, for sure.

Kristine's Score: should

Honorable Mention: Glee, FOX 9PM Thursday (September 13, season 4); Last Resort, ABC 8PM Thursday (September 27, New!)


Fringe, FOX 9PM Friday (September 28, Season 5)

Once again, Fringe is lucky to get a few more episodes to tell their story - for a final 13 episode season. Sounds like we are off to the future, and hopefully the future still gives enough of the characters the past 4 seasons have.

Kristine's Score: yes


Honorable Mention: Grimm, NBC 9PM Friday (September 21, season 2)


Once Upon A Time, ABC 8PM Sunday (September 30, Season 2)

Ended up being one of my favorites from last season. Jennifer Morrison and Gennifer Goodwin are exceedingly great to watch.

Kristine's Score: yes

Revenge, ABC 9PM Sunday (September 30, Season 2)

Quite excited this is back - despite it's storylines being a little soapy, it totally drew us in. And those last few minutes of the final episode, OMG. (Plus, they were juxtaposed to a Florence + The Machine song). Emily/Amanda, Jack, Nolan - what's next?!

Kristine's Score: yes


Honorable Mention: 666 Park Avenue, ABC 10PM Sunday (September 30, New!)


Red Hot, Must See TV! (7 shows): yes

There’s a big reason why I should watch (4 shows): should

Probably want to watch (2 show): probably

Maybe this will be good (2 shows): maybe

Honorable mentions (6 shows)

Networks   abc: 6 | cbs: 4 | nbc: 2 | fox: 2 | thecw: 1


Cult TheCW (New!)

Infamous NBC (New!)

Leverage TNT, White Collar USA

These are a few of the big sites I use to gather my data, along with TiVo (and it's site) to manage my season passes.

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