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today and migraines

I’ve had a migraine all evening. :sigh:

After about 6 hours, a 2 hour nap, a bowl of mac and cheese, and a $10 migraine pill, its starting to subside. Not gone yet, but at least its not pounding so much. I noticed earlier that I was clenching my teeth together. I don’t know why, but since I noticed it, I’m guessing it was either me feeling the migraine coming on, or maybe I caused it by clenching my teeth. My back tooth on the left side kinda hurts, so maybe I was doing this in my sleep, too.

The MT forums went down earlier, but now they are all happy and up, and I’m answering away. We’ve had so many questions lately that I’m over there all the time! I’m a bit more caught up on them now, although I have more mt-related questions in my email box that I should get to also. From the last few days, in fact. smile

Almost all of the email I got today was spam. That’s no fun!!!

I guess Megan called while I was resting and told E when our friend Kellie’s baby shower is. She’s been like our other little sister for years, living two house down, and spending so much time with Lisa. Now, she’s following in her real older sisters footsteps, dropping out of high school and pregnant at 17 (although her older sister was pregnant at 16). She’s been dating the baby’s father for quite a while, though, so hopefully this story will turn out better. I should really at least send a gift if I don’t attend the shower.

I went back about a month and found that I was really tired during green pill days last month. I’m guessing that is why I am feeling so bad this month, its just the hormones. Ugh. Oh, and 2 months ago, I had my worst.migraine.ever. And in May, I was super emotional around this date. I know, I’ve always been more emotional at this time of the month, to the point that I tended to get in fights with my mom on the same time if she bugged me for the whole time I worked with her. I just don’t like the migraines at all. Its so painful, and I can’t do much to make the drugs kick in any quicker.

Wow. I don’t like this trend, I think its probably something to mention to my doctor next time. I should ask her about imitrex, because with the amount of pain I’m in, giving myself a shot would be the least of my worries!

migraine drugs make me have to pee. laughing


Sorry to hear about your migraine! I’ve had my first in years all evening as well, and the only thing I can take for it is Tylenol. I so feel your pain—and hope you’re doing better soon!

When I was at university, I had a headache every day. Get up, moan, pop ibuprofen. Since I started working out, the headaches have gotten less and less frequent. I can’t remember the last time I had a "real" headache - had one last week from a hangover, but those don’t count! It goes without saying that I stopped getting migraines as well...Yoga and and cardio can do AMAZING things for headaches...give it a try.

My big migraine trigger is bright sunlight, especially when it’s reflected off something or seems to be in motion, so my sunglasses are always close at hand. smile It’s definitely something you should discuss with your doctor. No one should have to suffer through a migraine, and I hope yours is gone by now. luvya

I can’t believe Kellie is pregnant! I still think of her and Lisa as little kids. Wow.

SOrry about your migraines. : ( I hope you and your dr get that sorted, and soon.

I’ve been getting a ton of bounced messages claiming I have a virus - I’ve gotten at least 50 today, sometimes they come faster than I can delete them! I only use webmail (Neomail from Blogomania, actually), I’ve never used a computer-based e-mail program...it’s driving me batty. Are those what you’re getting, too?

I’m sorry to hear about your migraines! I’ve never had one but dear friends of mine have. I usually try to go to sleep to escape a headache, but I’ve heard migraines are so bad you can’t sleep. sad

I’m confused about your colored pills, though - you’ve mentioned them before, and I’ve never understood!


Migraines are so very, very icky. I hope you find a solution soon, something that will work for you all the time, instead of just some of the time. I’m thinkin' about you. smile


feel better soon my dear! hope that beautiful oregon/washington sunshine and fresh air does you some good. thinking of you. and sending flowerflowerflowers

So sorry to hear about your migraines! Agh! I used to get them really bad but I haven’t had any for years, thankfully. I made some major life changes and changed my diet, among other things, and thankfully they’ve disappeared.

My daughter gets them, too, and she’s trying some different medications for them.

Headaches can be brutal, but migraines are certainly in a league of their own. Yuk.