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Ugh. I thought I was gonna have to go to the hospital last night.

I had a headache most of the day, presumably because I hadn’t slept well the night before. But then it got bad, so I went and laid down after dinner for a few hours. It wasn’t going away, so I finally gave in and took one of my Zomig’s (migraine prescription). I sat up for a while, waiting for it to kick in, but by the time south park was over, I was just miserable. So I went and laid down, and I was so much pain that I was questioning if it was a migraine or if I was having something more major. I knew that if I got up and move around at that time, I’d be so nauseous that I couldn’t keep my dinner down, so I didn’t want to do that. In my head, I was trying to figure out which hospital I’d go to if I couldn’t stand it anymore. I was shaking like I was cold, but sweating, and that was scaring me. So for a while, I got E to rub my back, and then I did some self massages - I rubbed my temples so hard that I should have bruises this morning, but it let me sleep for maybe a half hour. When I’d wake up, I’d rub my arms and neck and anything to put pressure in a place other than my head.

I knew I had to be keeping E awake, so for a while, I got up and kept my cloth cool on my head and sat on the couch in different positions to try and change the pressure. I took my regular drugs in the hope that the sleeping pills would help. Finally it started to get less, and I went back to bed and finally slept. Straight through till the morning, and then I got up and went back to bed to read for a little while and back to sleep for a few hours.

Its not gone... the pressure is still in my head. But its much, much less than last night. So I think I’m gonna rest on the couch for most of the afternoon. Maybe I’ll eat something first though; my tummy is rumbly.

Lack of sleep the night before
2nd green pill day
temperature changed 20° from day before
I missed a meal


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That second green pill did me in everytime!!

Yesterday was a three Darvocet day for me, my head hurt so bad. I couldn’t figure it out, and then I realized what it was—I had missed my Topamax the night before, because I started my new medication and forgot to get my pillbox from the bedroom! There’s a reason I take it twice a day, you know!! luvya

Sorry to hear that you were feeling so awful. ::hug::heart

Take it easy today. I’m thinking of you. luvya

Hi hon,
Don’t know how i stumbled accross this site ( well, i do, but i don’t want to say), but i just wanted to say sorry u feel like that, i know how it feels and it’s not great, so hope you’re feelin better soon and take it easy.

Oh, Kristine, I’m *so* sorry that you were feeling so bad! sad My chest really hurt last night, and I was starting to freak out ... I think that it was indigestion, but still, it was scary ...

I hope you’re feeling better, honey! sad *hugs*

heart thinking feeling good thoughts for Kristine-a-ling’s head heart

oh k. i am sorry you are feeling so awful. what a bummer. here are hugs hoping you’ll be better soon. strawberrystarsockheartlollypop

Wow. I bet that was scary. I’m glad that you’re feeling a bit better, and hope you continue to mend. I’m thinking of you.


According to "on this day," you had a migraine this time last year, too! I hope you’re feeling better.

bug oh i do hope you feel better real soon, so sorry your sick, i have friends with migraines and it’s not at all funny, hugs

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