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one post a day girl

man oh man, I never thought I’d be the only-one-post-a-day girl. Apparently this week proves me wrong. Okay, so I guess its a few more than one post a day, but its not as many as I’ve composed in my head, by far!

I’m so tired out today. I’ve tried so hard to take it easy, but I feel like I’m in slo-mo!

Leah’s tests were done this morning, and we’ll find out in a few days (well, probably next week) what they found out. Leonard said she bawled while they put all the electrodes on her, but then once they got her all hooked up, Sarah held her during the test, and she actually fell asleep.

Huge parts of my soaps were interupted today because the president was in Portland. I was so interested to see the end of ATWT, and Ryan on AMC. Stupid TV stations. Of course, the local ABC website doesn’t say anything about the chance of them rebroadcasting tonight so I guess I’ll have to read some recaps. Too bad. sad

and that’s about it. When I sleep so much of the day, I dont have any fun stories to tell!!!

BTW, I’m dreaming up new skins. I have like 5 designs in my head. Hopefully this site will get a much needed makeover one of these days!


I’m aspiring to be a post-a-day kind of girl. laughing I just haven’t felt very bloggy lately, but I still enjoy catching up with all my wonderful friends like you. luvyasmile

As long as you keep the tulip skin, I’ll be happy. I hope you feel better/more rested soon, hon! *hugs*

I so know the feeling! I always think of all these things to blog and then never do it. I have a skin bouncing around in my head too that I need to make. Here’s to us getting more energy and getting to it! bug

Ooh, new skins! blush Love your skins, they are so sleek, just love them. 1 post a day is good, just don’t turn into a one post a week girl. wink