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tired week

I just don’t feel like myself. There’s some weird feeling that I can’t put my finger on. Maybe its just a bad week, and my normal CFIDS/Fibro symptoms are being meaner because it was so hot for so many days. I’ve been taking my vitamins and getting rest. I haven’t done much of anything, in an attempt to keep myself from getting worse. I wish I *knew* what was making me feel icky so I could stop doing it.

But that’s the joy of these illnesses... the unknown, the daily changes... just when I get into a schedule that makes sense, something new comes up. ahhh well, hopefully tomorrow will be better. smile I *really* want to go out with E. Red Robin sounds so dang good that we contemplated seeing if they had takeout so he could go get us some. But that’s not as much fun, any way you look at it.

I need to order Lisa’s bday present - she turns 18 on the 2nd. What she wanted (Eye Shimmer, which I bought the last sets they had available at Christmas, I think) isn’t available anymore from GardenBotanika. So I’m looking at Burt’s Bees stuff ( Lisa got me some for my bday, and I love playing with all the fun stuff!) or maybe something from Victoria’s Secret. The Translucent Eye Quad looks fairly shimmery and nice. I wish I could find another online company that made something similar to what GB had. So I really had better order something tomorrow so I don’t have to worry about it not being here on time!

its a green pill day. I *know* that’s why I’m feeling a bit sadder and a bit more melodramatic!


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The Victoria’s Secret stuff looks pretty. rainbow

I hope you’re feeling more like yourself soon. The heat does a number on just about anyone. luvyakissheart

They do takeout! A got me some a little while back. laughing


This is just a temporary glitch chica. It’ll get better. Hang in there. Get lots of rest & water. smile

(You have Lisa’s old URL. ;) )

luvya kiss

Yes, they do do take out... don’t forget to get extra plum sauce! I love their plum sauce, yummmm.

Take care of yourself, Kristine. I’m sure it’ll be better soon flower

Sephora’s stores in the mall have amazing cosmetics...if not a little expensive.

Check out sephora.com, they might have something you’re looking for!

My sister has fibro.. wicked disease sad I wish I knew how to help her get on track.. at least to live normally for part of the month... sad

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