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Today has been not too bad of a day. I didn’t get nearly as much cleaning done, but I did cook and shower and then Leonard and Sarah and Leah came over for us to put a USB card in their computer. Can you believe that new printers only come with USB ports and no sort of parallel port options anymore? What about people with older computers whose printers die? So E found a USB card to put into it for them. I put up my new Purple lights - E found me more for our anniversary because my last sets died. So now I’ve got the nice purple glow that only little purpel christmas lights can give. smile They work as a much nicer night light. :giggle: I put one string around my tall lamp in the corner, and it looks really cool. I’m so curious about when Leah is going to be doing certain things, like crawl, so I had to look up the Baby Development chart. She’ll be 10 weeks old this week. Oh, she’s going in for an EKG (or is it EEG?) on Thursday - if all goes well, she’ll get to start being weened off the meds that they put her on after her first week when she was having seizures. Keep her in your thoughts, please smile We just saw the end of Emeril making Swedish Pancakes. They looked really pretty. I think I like the all recipes version, since it doesn’t have 12 hours of prep time. LOL!
Note to self - Leah’s wearing 6-9 month clothes, so probably the next size up in some long-sleeve options would be good gifts in the near future. smile I wish I could find some that were the same brand as the Wonderlux/Polar Industries (the tags say MiniWear), but I only can find them on Amazon’s page, and they only have a few styles - short sleeve onsies and long sleeve jammies (and one other that’s only a newborn style) in pink, blue, or green. She’s already got the short sleeves in green and the long sleeves in pink, and the blues say "baby boy"... So I wish there were more styles to pick from! Sarah really liked these, and she said their receiving blankets were the best, too. Maybe I’ll do some more searching, but so far, I’ve only found sites reselling Amazon’s same selection.


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YAY for purple lights! Those are great lights to have up all year around. I love purple but I prefer green. Or better yet, CHILI LIGHTS! WEE!

I’ve got my fingers and toes-ies crossed for the little one. I remember having EEG/EKG when I was 2 and 3 for seizures. Thankfully they found nothing wrong. It was an interesting experience and I don’t remember being scared or anything. Of course, that may be because they drugged me. *lol*

EMERIL IS GOD. tounge out:

i am glad to hear that leah is going back to the doctor. i am sure it will be a good thing for her to get off the drugs. the sooner the better if her little body is ready for it. hope all goes well!

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