+  mtp: comment submit: Add stylesheet to mt-plugins for the "please wait" screen. [other]
 +  plugin mgr: Write back Mena Write back David - thoughts on interface? [done]
 +  py form: Add date-based folders for the pictures to save into. [done]
 +  plugin mgr 2: collect data. [other]
 +  SG make post: Add to SG: redirect script [done]
 +  pspiz: Change link to http://www.pspiz.net [done]
 +  plugins directory: Add ComeBack and PostIt and Dirify Plus and finish Paginate. [done]
 +  blogplates: Add newest members. [done]
 +  trk dreama: change dreama's info at trk. [done]
 +  plugin dir: MTDateHeaders Plugin: change email address: http://today.icantfocus.com/blog/ Add new xml plugin from Tim [done]
 +  plugin directory: Update with desktop updates and new blogs. [done]
 +  christmas gifts: Fill in potential gift ideas for each person Cards [done]
 +  eric bday: Order the rest of E's bday present preorder MOO3. [done]
 +  plugins: add MLT plugin info add PingsSent Update weather? [done]
 +  rss feed: Try out Dean's RSS tutorial and add EP's feed :) [done]
 +  plugins: David Raynes updates. weather plugin update (images) [done]
 +  plugins: Convert 3 brad readmes into php files Add Blogtimes. [done]
 +  trk announcement: Post about Deb syndicating TRK into a LJ format so people can add it to their friend list. [done]
 +  trk: dara: Add Dara to TRK today! [done]
 +  trk: add links: Add turkey links and info from paper to TRK. [done]
 +  PY: Take a pic for Ch [done]
 +  backup: Back up all K: stuff to CD. [done]
 +  christmas list: Make mom a list for E and I. finished for now... [done]
 +  7th heaven: Watch 7th Heaven - on tape by caller id [other]
 +  fix trk: fix TRK so that clicky pages work in Opera. [done]
 +  resume: Add SG and MTforums to resume on portfolio [done]