+  vv backup: Finish up anything required on the vv scripts. Check with B and G to see if they saw anything off. [new projects]
 +  vv design: finish up design and css start MTing and inserting fake data. [new projects]
 +  suite: Send zip file to girls. Add recent.php to site. [done]
 +  config backup: Finish writing this script up and write tutorial. [done]
 +  SG posts: Post time of day script and calendar auto-detect scripts on SG [new projects]
 +  plugins: add 2 new plugins from lovelinks into plugin database [done]
 +  collectics: add Apollo 13, Christmas Rush, and The Santa Clause to collectics. [done]
 +  mtplugins: finish indexing plugins [done]
 +  font database: Font database with links [new projects]