+  soap: test []
 +  taxes: april 15 taxes efile [household]
 +  payroll taxes: April 15th [locatis]
 +  desk: straighten desk and magazine pile [household]
 +  rent: pay rent check, go through basket downstairs for other bills. [household]
 +  food blogs: Join [FOODBLOGGERS] and blogs that cook on trk; update guest recipes. [love]
 +  mtp: comment submit: Add stylesheet to mt-plugins for the "please wait" screen. [other]
 +  plugin mgr: Write back Mena Write back David - thoughts on interface? [done]
 +  py form: Add date-based folders for the pictures to save into. [done]
 +  plugin mgr 2: collect data. [other]
 +  new design: add redirects for all .html pages that are now .php pages. includes directory. [done]
 +  SG make post: Add to SG: redirect script [done]
 +  vv backup: Finish up anything required on the vv scripts. Check with B and G to see if they saw anything off. [new projects]
 +  vv design: finish up design and css start MTing and inserting fake data. [new projects]
 +  gallery: Make gallery section password protected [love]
 +  setlist: Work on implementing the setlist out of the database. [love]
 +  plugins directory: Add ComeBack and PostIt and Dirify Plus and finish Paginate. [done]
 +  suite: Send zip file to girls. Add recent.php to site. [done]
 +  config backup: Finish writing this script up and write tutorial. [done]
 +  blogplates: Add newest members. [done]
 +  trk dreama: change dreama's info at trk. [done]
 +  payroll taxes: Finish quarterly and yearly payroll taxes and print for mom [done]
 +  plugin dir: MTDateHeaders Plugin: change email address: http://today.icantfocus.com/blog/ Add new xml plugin from Tim [done]
 +  kdlb: New version of holiday design. [done]
 +  plugin directory: Update with desktop updates and new blogs. [done]
 +  SG posts: Post time of day script and calendar auto-detect scripts on SG [new projects]
 +  Kymberlie IA question: Write her back with a real answer! Marked as new in inbox. [just email]
 +  decorate: put angels in new shelf pictures on wall? [done]
 +  wrap presents: Get wrapping paper (done) and wrap all presents. [done]
 +  dishes: wash new dishes. [done]
 +  clean bathroom: megan -- Monday afternoon [done]
 +  buy stuff: Buy before wednesday: Corelle plates/bowls - Walmart, Callaway/Ivy pattern [done]