+  payroll taxes: April 15th [locatis]
 +  payroll taxes: Finish quarterly and yearly payroll taxes and print for mom [done]
 +  peachtree eoy: End of the year transfer over ??????? [locatis]
 +  peachtree taxes: Buy Peachtree tax tables. [done]
 +  inventory: Get ready to print all forms this weekend. [done]
 +  statements: work on September and October's statements [locatis]
 +  thanksgiving dinner: get prepared for thanksgiving dinner [done]
 +  july statement: July bank Statement redo [done]
 +  fax providian: Fax Providian bill to annette [done]
 +  august statement: August bank statement [locatis]
 +  payroll taxes: 15th payroll taxes for mom. [done]
 +  ups program: Figure out UPS import - call support if needed: 888-553-1118 hit 0 for person. [locatis]