+  taxes: april 15 taxes efile [household]
 +  desk: straighten desk and magazine pile [household]
 +  rent: pay rent check, go through basket downstairs for other bills. [household]
 +  decorate: put angels in new shelf pictures on wall? [done]
 +  wrap presents: Get wrapping paper (done) and wrap all presents. [done]
 +  christmas cookies: get started -- 2 trays of sugar cookies maybe cookie press ones. -- done [done]
 +  dishes: wash new dishes. [done]
 +  clean bathroom: megan -- Monday afternoon [done]
 +  groceries: Put together meal list and get groceries coming for beginning of next week. [done]
 +  buy stuff: Buy before wednesday: Corelle plates/bowls - Walmart, Callaway/Ivy pattern [done]
 +  tape charmed: My Way - TV [done]
 +  buy before xmas: before E's parents come [done]
 +  E ticket: Buy E's plane ticket. [done]
 +  e party: wrap presents 6:30 at pizza palace let mom and leonard know the time. cake? [done]
 +  Christmas decorations: Put up all christmas decorations [done]
 +  groceries: Order groceries. [done]
 +  catch up on videos: Watch all taped things [done]
 +  drugs: Order all 3 drugs [done]
 +  clothes pile: sort and box up clothes unwearable. [done]
 +  craft desk: Clean craft desk so I can sit down. [done]
 +  shelf: Build shelves [done]
 +  cleaning: clean toilet -done sweep floor upstairs -done clean sink downstairs [done]
 +  bread: cook 2nd loaf of pumpkin bread. [done]
 +  library: Renew library book. Order more? [done]
 +  order groceries: order groceries. [done]
 +  laundry: do a load of darks [done]
 +  dinner: cook dinner - lasagna? [done]
 +  laundry: load of lights needs to be done. [done]
 +  dinner: Cook E dinner - Mac & Cheese? [done]
 +  wash towels, blanket: Do some laundry. [done]
 +  clean desk: clean desk and desktop - I canít work like this! [done]
 +  lerners: call the freakin' lerners people back. [household]