+  food blogs: Join [FOODBLOGGERS] and blogs that cook on trk; update guest recipes. [love]
 +  new design: add redirects for all .html pages that are now .php pages. includes directory. [done]
 +  gallery: Make gallery section password protected [love]
 +  setlist: Work on implementing the setlist out of the database. [love]
 +  blogplates:Karen: Update Karen's link [done]
 +  kdlb: New version of holiday design. [done]
 +  raquel: Get back to her and MT her code. [done]
 +  Sien - custom: write quote [done]
 +  SUDS: Check in with Chelsey [done]
 +  SUDS: updates: Write C with updates [done]
 +  fix skins: Fix skins 2 page so it points to the right place [done]
 +  blogplates: add or email all blogplates submitters [done]
 +  SUDS: Write Chelsey to thank for soap! [done]
 +  plugins: Add new plugins to plugin page. [done]
 +  raquel: Follow up with Raquel [done]
 +  Mike: quote: Write Mike back with full Quote reconfirm items being looked at. [done]
 +  blogplates: Add primary codes for different blogging software to blogplates. [love]
 +  mysti custom: Customization of cheerful for Mysti [done]
 +  SUDS: newest changes: newest image changes, start cutting up. reply about $$. [done]
 +  raquel: Coding for site; received $$ in mail. [love]
 +  suds: new quote: Write Chelsey new quote [done]
 +  notify list: Send notify to list members. [done]
 +  Tim: code: Tim's Lounge [done]
 +  SDUS: quote: Suds quote [done]
 +  Jay: start: Write Jay back with full Quote [done]
 +  GNC: Upgrade: GNCís upgrade [done]
 +  sets: 2 graphics sets to be finished up. [love]