+  E ticket: Buy E's plane ticket. [done]
 +  fix skins: Fix skins 2 page so it points to the right place [done]
 +  plugins: add 2 new plugins from lovelinks into plugin database [done]
 +  catch up on videos: Watch all taped things [done]
 +  Christmas decorations: Put up all christmas decorations [done]
 +  drugs: Order all 3 drugs [done]
 +  statements: work on September and October's statements [locatis]
 +  shelf: Build shelves [done]
 +  bread: cook 2nd loaf of pumpkin bread. [done]
 +  clothes pile: sort and box up clothes unwearable. [done]
 +  thanksgiving dinner: get prepared for thanksgiving dinner [done]
 +  trk: add links: Add turkey links and info from paper to TRK. [done]
 +  buy before xmas: before E's parents come [done]
 +  hover calendar: Fix hover calendar to rotate colors... [blogstyles]
 +  christmas gifts: Fill in potential gift ideas for each person Cards [done]
 +  craft desk: Clean craft desk so I can sit down. [done]
 +  library: Renew library book. Order more? [done]
 +  cc quote: Get more information from Cherilyn to write a quote. [done]
 +  SUDS: Write Chelsey to thank for soap! [done]
 +  cleaning: clean toilet -done sweep floor upstairs -done clean sink downstairs [done]
 +  7th heaven: Watch 7th Heaven - on tape by caller id [other]
 +  trk: dara: send dara info needed to set up on TRK and set up. [done]
 +  write Jenn: Scripty hack [just email]
 +  plugins: Add new plugins to plugin page. [done]
 +  Shannon: Email Shannon about client email [done]
 +  PY: Take a pic for Ch [done]
 +  blogplates: Add primary codes for different blogging software to blogplates. [love]
 +  august statement: August bank statement [locatis]
 +  july statement: July bank Statement redo [done]
 +  blogplates: add or email all blogplates submitters [done]
 +  order groceries: order groceries. [done]
 +  dinner: cook dinner - lasagna? [done]
 +  laundry: do a load of darks [done]
 +  laundry: load of lights needs to be done. [done]
 +  nap: Take a nap, or at least a rest in bed for at least 20 minutes. [done]
 +  mailbox walk: Take a walk to the mailbox. [done]
 +  drink water: carry water bottle around today. [done]
 +  fix trk: fix TRK so that clicky pages work in Opera. [done]
 +  2 templates: email 2 templates - bs3col2sbl and pr - to purchaser [done]
 +  mysti custom: Customization of cheerful for Mysti [done]
 +  cindy upgrade: Quoted Cindy; upgrade to 2.51 when confirmed. [done]
 +  SUDS: newest changes: newest image changes, start cutting up. reply about $$. [done]
 +  payroll taxes: 15th payroll taxes for mom. [done]
 +  christmas list: Make mom a list for E and I. finished for now... [done]
 +  dinner: Cook E dinner - Mac & Cheese? [done]
 +  resume: Add SG and MTforums to resume on portfolio [done]
 +  wash towels, blanket: Do some laundry. [done]
 +  RFL: Check out Bob's latest host change info. [done]
 +  Jara survey: Reply to Jara about web design survey. [done]
 +  raquel: Coding for site; received $$ in mail. [love]
 +  mtplugins: finish indexing plugins [done]
 +  fax providian: Fax Providian bill to annette [done]
 +  bs 2.5 temps: Add 2.5 info to all templates [blogstyles]
 +  dr appt: Make appt. with dr. office [done]
 +  backup: Back up all K: stuff to CD. [done]
 +  zuly photoshop: write Zuly with photoshop stuff. [just email]
 +  font database: Font database with links [new projects]
 +  CFS list: CFS self help stuff [done]
 +  notify list: Send notify to list members. [done]
 +  GNC: followup: Write Todd back [just email]
 +  catherine calendar: Calendar ideas for Catherine? [done]
 +  cori: Check out cori's comments. [done]
 +  raquel: Follow up with Raquel [done]
 +  suds: new quote: Write Chelsey new quote [done]
 +  Tim: code: Tim's Lounge [done]
 +  SDUS: quote: Suds quote [done]
 +  clean desk: clean desk and desktop - I canít work like this! [done]
 +  Mike: quote: Write Mike back with full Quote reconfirm items being looked at. [done]
 +  ups program: Figure out UPS import - call support if needed: 888-553-1118 hit 0 for person. [locatis]
 +  Jay: start: Write Jay back with full Quote [done]
 +  GNC: Upgrade: GNCís upgrade [done]