+  Kymberlie IA question: Write her back with a real answer! Marked as new in inbox. [just email]
 +  k-b games: Write Kathy-bella about games links. [done]
 +  shawn at blogspot: Email back with info about blogstyles's archives... look on the blogger page for a page to point her to with codes. [done]
 +  becky-starquilt: Write quote for modification of Starquilt set - she wants a sidebar and is using blogger. [done]
 +  Karen-dw: Write Karen about the way to use Dreamweaver to see the set she's working on. [done]
 +  Girlie: Subdomain question [done]
 +  Stacy: MT question. [done]
 +  cc quote: Get more information from Cherilyn to write a quote. [done]
 +  Shannon: Email Shannon about client email [done]
 +  trk: dara: send dara info needed to set up on TRK and set up. [done]
 +  write Jenn: Scripty hack [just email]
 +  catherine calendar: Calendar ideas for Catherine? [done]
 +  Jara survey: Reply to Jara about web design survey. [done]
 +  cori: Check out cori's comments. [done]
 +  zuly photoshop: write Zuly with photoshop stuff. [just email]
 +  GNC: followup: Write Todd back [just email]