+  plugin directory: Update with desktop updates and new blogs. [done]
 +  Kymberlie IA question: Write her back with a real answer! Marked as new in inbox. [just email]
 +  dishes: wash new dishes. [done]
 +  clean bathroom: megan -- Monday afternoon [done]
 +  buy stuff: Buy before wednesday: Corelle plates/bowls - Walmart, Callaway/Ivy pattern [done]
 +  decorate: put angels in new shelf pictures on wall? [done]
 +  wrap presents: Get wrapping paper (done) and wrap all presents. [done]
 +  e party: wrap presents 6:30 at pizza palace let mom and leonard know the time. cake? [done]
 +  inventory: Get ready to print all forms this weekend. [done]
 +  peachtree eoy: End of the year transfer over ??????? [locatis]
 +  peachtree taxes: Buy Peachtree tax tables. [done]
 +  groceries: Put together meal list and get groceries coming for beginning of next week. [done]
 +  plugins: add MLT plugin info add PingsSent Update weather? [done]
 +  raquel: Get back to her and MT her code. [done]
 +  christmas cookies: get started -- 2 trays of sugar cookies maybe cookie press ones. -- done [done]
 +  SUDS: Check in with Chelsey [done]
 +  tape charmed: My Way - TV [done]
 +  rss feed: Try out Dean's RSS tutorial and add EP's feed :) [done]
 +  eric bday: Order the rest of E's bday present preorder MOO3. [done]
 +  groceries: Order groceries. [done]
 +  plugins: David Raynes updates. weather plugin update (images) [done]
 +  blogplates:Karen: Update Karen's link [done]
 +  Sien - custom: write quote [done]
 +  Karen-dw: Write Karen about the way to use Dreamweaver to see the set she's working on. [done]
 +  becky-starquilt: Write quote for modification of Starquilt set - she wants a sidebar and is using blogger. [done]
 +  k-b games: Write Kathy-bella about games links. [done]
 +  pspiz: Change link to http://www.pspiz.net [done]
 +  shawn at blogspot: Email back with info about blogstyles's archives... look on the blogger page for a page to point her to with codes. [done]
 +  trk announcement: Post about Deb syndicating TRK into a LJ format so people can add it to their friend list. [done]
 +  SUDS: updates: Write C with updates [done]
 +  plugins: Convert 3 brad readmes into php files Add Blogtimes. [done]
 +  trk: dara: Add Dara to TRK today! [done]
 +  jason: write about photoblog templates. [done]
 +  collectics: add Apollo 13, Christmas Rush, and The Santa Clause to collectics. [done]
 +  Girlie: Subdomain question [done]
 +  Stacy: MT question. [done]