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lisa visit

My littlest sister, Lisa, called this afternoon and asked if she could come over. I am way worn out, but I said yes anyhow. I haven’t seen her for at least a month; that’s the last time we went to dinner over there, and she’s not one to call to just chat unless she has a reason. So I had a feeling that she had a reason, but didn’t know what it was until talking for a while.

I made a reference to mom the other day about my car. I bought her back in December of 2000. It took me a while to get into the driving mode, but I was doing SO good at driving before I got sicker. I got my permit and was so close to being ready to take the test to get my license. And then I went downhill really fast, and I felt so scattery that there was NO way I wanted to be at the wheel of a car, with the potential of hurting anyone or myself because of my brain fog.

So my car, a very nice silver 1987 Honda Accord LXi has been sitting in the parking space waiting for me. We’ve driven it periodically, but mainly its just sitting there. Truthfully, I know it will be quite a while before I’m well enough to drive it. I don’t want to risk it until I’m really well, and I know that won’t be anytime super soon... I’d guess not before the end of the year, even if these exercising sprees are successful.

Lisa needs a car. She wrecked Wanda the black Honda like 6 months ago, and the bus riding is like getting to school in slo-mo. (I know, I had to do it!) She wants to know if she can buy my adorable car. I like her, she’s a good, dependable car, and she’s in good shape, and I wish I could drive her. But letting her just sit around being sad with no one to love her isn’t so nice.

Lisa doesn’t have a lot of money. But she has a job. But the job is for my family’s business, so whose to say that they will really be able to pay her on a regular basis?

But we (E and I) are thinking about it. I hate to think about my cute little car getting in an accident by a teenage driver. But it might help all parties involved; Lisa with a car, us with some extra money. Thinking, thinking...


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In addition to getting some cash by selling it, wouldn’t you save a significant amount of money by not having to pay for insurance anymore? Even if you’re not driving it regularly, it must be insured...

You’ll be able to find another wonderful car when you’re ready to drive again, I’m sure of it!

Yep, you are right Dara, that’s something I hadn’t thought of. Its insured a bit lower than what Eric’s car is, just because its not worth as much, but it would still be a savings. smile

Thank you for your level-headed-ness - you give such good advice and I always appreciate it! smile

You are more than welcome! laughing

I was going to suggest that maybe you could "lease it" to her—that technically you’d still own it, but that for a year or whatever she’d make a small payment to you (in addition to insuring it) so that she could drive it, but that you’d have the car available to you if, in a year, you feel good enough to drive. But if she’s already wrecked one car—then a 1987 Honda is a good one for her to own and wreck outright on her own. Especially if it’s just sitting there... Maybe if you sell it to her you could make a deal with her to be available to you say every two weeks or something to help you do a specific errand? So you’d get something more out of it than just money (not that that’s not nice!!)

I know what you mean. My baby is sitting outside. I never drive it. Mainly because A and I go everywhere together. I feel so bad.

If you decide not to sell to Lisa, send her my way. I’ll give her a good deal on an Acura. ;)

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