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Okay, so my dad called

Okay, so my dad called me last night to tell me about the car smile He test drove it and said it was nice and smooth and that the space between the gears was small so it might be easier for me to learn it. He said there was almost no nicks in the doors or anything noticable to the outside. Every major thing that could be failing at 190k miles has been replaced in the last 30k miles, including a lifetime guarentee honda muffler. The lady and her family have owned the car since it was brand new and have an extensive list of all of the service that has been done to it. He said that the only things that were a little bad were the antenna thats a little bent so if you want it up and down, it has to be done manually. And the hinge on the drivers door doesn’t strike right? (not familiar with this term, but that’s what I think he said). He said its a perfect car, and so I think we are going to go today and get it smile Yippee!! So now, I need to start learning to drive and learning the rules of the road again... its been a long time since I pulled out the WA drivers guide, but I know its on my shelf, so I think I’ll pull it out and start carrying it around with me smile Yes, I’m a freak for not doing this before now smile


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