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my poor car

My little cute silver car is sitting in my parents yard, where its been off and on since December when I bought it. Its so cute, but its just sitting there, and getting dirty. My mom drove it to the bank this morning cuz Meg was using Rhonda (the red honda) and Wanda (the black honda) wouldn’t start.

My dad made me feel a bit bad about it - he said he was sad that I had gotten so close to having my license and then I didn’t get it. :sigh: I’m sad too. It was just so muchso overwhelming, and how do you explain that to someone that’s not in your brain? He’s been driving since he was really young, and loves driving. I love riding. Going on a car trip and being the companion and map reader is perfect for me. But actually driving makes me all shakey and nervous. I’m good, but I don’t know if I’m good enough to pass the test. :sigh: Dad suggested that I use one of my wednesdays to study for the written. Its a good idea. I wish I felt better about it.

So anyhow, my cute little car (who has several name ideas, but she hasn’t spoken about them yet) is waiting for me to come and play with her and put Marvin in the backseat and be loved. I’ll do it soon. I must.


I got my Learners license a few months ago and I’ve only been driving once. You are much, much better than me Kristine! smile

you know what, though? you don’t HAVE to do it. seriously. driving a car doesn’t make you a better person. sometimes i wish i didn’t drive. honestly. i don’t hate driving but i do hate traffic. secretly, i wish that i lived someplace with really good public transport. because cars are a pain. either way, you’ll be fine. but still. you’re just as fabulous as a non driver.

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