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morning stuff

I like late mornings. E didn’t have to be to work until 8:30, so I didn’t have to get here until 8 smile

So while I backed up the computer, I ran through the DOL practise test for WA state - and only got one wrong out of the 20, so that’s exciting! I need to review the signs a bit, and so I’m gonna take the girls out for lunch and then we’ll go over there. I have a coupon for Sweet Tomatoes - that’s right over by the DMV smile And its yummy, and healthy too! Lisa always goes for the healthy. She’s worked out SO much this week! Because she’s part of a bone density project called YOUTH, and they encourage exercise and healthy eating to help prevent bone density loss (osteoporosis)... so she has a free membership to 24 hour fitness. I think she spent about 2 hours every day this week there because its been spring break, and she’s had access to a car.

Which is the other sad story of the morning. The girls drove up longview for car service yesterday (the reason I made the mix CDs the other day), and on the way home - less than 2 miles away from Sterling Honda, Wanda (the black honda! Mom’s other car is Rhonda, the red honda!)’s head gasket blew. sad Poor Wanda is dead sad So when I just talked to dad (i’ve been writing this off and on for a few hours), he said he was gonna go visit Wanda in the emergency room on his way home from Seatllte today. Poor Wanda!

Happy friday, friends. I’m so glad its the end of the week!!!

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