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prune fill

Since miss melissa was incredulous about my dessert I made yesterday... prune fill. I don’t know where the name/recipe came from, but the original recipe in my mom’s recipe box has burned circles in it from when she set the card on a burner. laughing Its actually really good, I swear! rainbow


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I might have to try that. The prune part scares me a bit, but I’m always willing to try something new. laughing

The rest of the recipe sounds like Matt’s favorite desert - blueberry crisp. You just substitute blueberries for the prunes and then put all the oat mixture on top instead of part on the bottom and part on top. It’s very tasty with vanilla ice cream. smile

I bet you could also use the prune filling sold in the bakery section of the supermarket. It sounds good to me!

Not "incredulous" per se... More "terrified". ;)

It sounds very... odd. I may very well have to try it. If nothing else, It’ll make me regular. laughing

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