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tada! new camera!

After a whole lot of research, I finally settled on a camera and purchased it this weekend!

I had it narrowed down between several brands and types after last weekend, and we went out scouting the stores to actually feel them and see what I thought (Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ7, Canon Powershot s2 is, and a few of the Kodak Easyshare models including the p850, among a few other options that were comparable in features and price).

After looking and reading a bunch of reviews, and comparing the options, it was an easy choice: I went with the Canon Powershot S2 IS.

The Kodak’s had an advantage right off because that’s what I had previously. And plus, I *loved* their interfaces on the cameras, they just looked good and like I would be able to figure out what I was doing even WITH the advanced options. But when it came down to it, the cost for that was too much, and didn’t provide nearly the quality I wanted for the more money. The Lumix were a very close contender, but I had a hard time finding one to actually look at, and they weren’t as highly reviewed as the Canon in several instances. E really liked how the canon had a screen that flipped around, and I was a little worried about that being easier to break, but it does seem nice to have the screen protected.

Oh, and Circuit City is where I ended up getting it. They had a great online deal and then you can pick it up in their store. I got a camera bag, and a memory card, and some rechargable batteries while I was out at diff places throughout the weekend. So I’m totally set for some great picture taking in my *ahem* spare time ;)

031906 leah
It is so pretty. And everything I’ve taken so far with it, I’m quite pleased with. I’ll upload more, but for now, I wanted to see what Flickr was gonna do with my EXIF data so I tried that first. smile

So the big fun comes now in learning all of the options on the dial. I’m definitely more comfy with point and shoot, but I think I could really enjoy learning more. Anybody got any tips or books I should be reading about P, Tv, Av and more? smile I’m making my way through the manual, and so far, much of it is sinking in, but I have a feeling to be REALLY good, I need to learn more. My bday’s coming up, and I could add some books to my wishlist to give some great ideas to my family and friends.


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Yay! That looks like a great camera. I was taking a look at the macro shots on Amazon and they look amazing. Can’t wait to see what other images you upload. cherries

Good call on avoiding the flip-around screen. If your E is anything like this E, it would be snapped off in no time.

However, it does come in handy for self-portraits. The majority of photos of my wife and I are taken at arm’s length by me without the aid of a flip-around preview screen.

My Canon G2 travelled around the world with me - well, it seemed like it did anyways. I dropped it on Canal St. in New Orleans as I got off a trolley car. I tripped on a sidewalk in front of my friend’s house and it broke the fall between my head and the sidewalk. It went to Paris, to London, and it travelled almost daily in my purse. Nothing ever happened to that screen, and it was *so* handy not only to have one that flipped around, but also to be able to swivel and angle it - holding the camera above my head or down by my knees and still being able to see the screen. I miss those days with my 20D - you can’t preview on a screen with a dSLR.

In other words - Canons *ROCK* - they are hard to break - and the swivel screen? Fabulous. I can’t wait to see your photos!

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