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looking for a camera

So my camera is dying. The buttons don’t work well and zooming causes it to just go psycho and zoom back up and then not take the picture. That’s been going on since early last year, but I finally gave in and am thinking about replacing it.

Now at least I have a new camera phone that is letting me do snapshots, which is really great. But I’d like a real camera for those special events where I want more than snapshots.

I admire my friends that take pictures so much - I can’t imagine that I’d ever be as good as Robyn or Reb’s beautiful nathair shots, or sarah, or any of the other great photographers I read regularly. I don’t know if I need the serious firepower of an awesome camera because I barely know what I’m doing. But maybe I could get good if I learned a bit. I don’t know!

However, it sure would be terrific to have a nice camera to take pics at my sisters wedding that I could be really proud of. And doing nature shots here and there and pictures of leah that are worth framing would be quite happy too.

I defintely want digital. It needs nice zoom. Mine before was a Kodak and I really liked the features, but I’m not seeing a kodak that I’m absolutely enamoured with, so I’m open. It doesn’t have to be really small (althought sarah-maddy’s was so awesome because it was tiny), i’m okay carrying one that has a little more substance

Does anybody have any tips or thoughts for searching for a camera? Any good sites to point me too? Thanks!

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I currrently use a Nikon D50 DSLR, before that it was a Panasonic FZ20. What is your camera budget and what do you want to use the camera for? If you’re looking for zoom and a fixed lens camera I completely suggest the panasonic, I miss the zoom (can’t afford any lenses for my D50 right now)

Here are some digital camera review websites


My budget is probably under $550-ish. I was thinking $250-ish and then I got to thinking that it might be better to invest a little more and be able to take some really good pictures instead of *just* snapshots.

I’m wanting to take pictures mainly for my own enjoyment. Mostly, they’ll show up on the web rather than being printed. If I do print them, I’ll probably have to bring them somewhere as my current printer isn’t good enough for photos really.

I don’t know all the camera lingo yet, so thanks for those links, Sarah, I’ll see what I can l learn! smile


I adored my panasonic, it’s a fanastic camera with an awesome zoom. Within your price range too.

I’m not sure if you have picked one out already, but I have to toss the Canon family into the proverbial hat here. I *love* my Canon G2 so much, I decided not to sell it when I got my dSLR, the Canon EOS 20D. I’ve had requests to purchase prints from my G2 several times in the past, so it is definitely capable of more than "snapshot" photos.

I have to also add, though, that really any camera is capable of taking good pictures. Maybe not so great you would want to make posters out of them, but really good photos can be made with them. I recently read an article about a professional photographer that used nothing more than a 35mm Point-and-Shoot camera, and his work was famous. So I wouldn’t discount the under $250 camera range so fast. My old Olympus was only $150 when I bought it 5 years ago, and I took many wonderful photos with it.

High quality optics are important, so I recommend dpreview also for checking that out. And if you are taking wedding photos, you want to be able to print 8x10" size prints from it.