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moblog posts are back

It took me a bit to figure out that my moblog posts aren’t showing up here on the main blog anymore. It looks like when TypePad made some changes, now Magpie doesn’t know how to integrate the new feed info into the correct order here. It took some tweaking to make this work again!

So if you missed out on seeing my snow pics or my fabulous sundae, you can see them now wink

For the geeky among us, the date comparison function was sorting based on the 'issued' field. New Atom 1.0 specs (see rakaz: Moving from Atom 0.3 to 1.0) say that the issued element is no longer necessary and renamed it to "published".

So mapgie wasn’t sorting in the kdlb-pad posts because they didn’t have an issed element.

Once I added a statement to create a new element in the array if issued wasn’t set (effectively adding issued back in even though it’s not in the file), and to make it be equal to whatever the published field was, all was well again.

Now, what I really need to do is upgrade all my feeds to atom 1.0 and then I can take that statement out and sort based on published as I should. My LJ feed and TP feed both have published in them (LJ has both published and issued), so it’s just the feeds that I control that are the problem anyhow (kadyellebee’s main, kdlb-links, and collectics). That just might be a bigger task than I have the energy for today! They are SO customized, that it would take a bit of work.


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