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birthday weekend

My birthday is next Tuesday, and so we are calling this my official birthday weekend. Today, my family is having a party for me.

I’ve been in the "omg, i’m almost 30" mode for the last few months or more. But this weekend, I’m just gonna be in the "celebration" mode. smile

So in part of that celebration, I’m taking a few days off next week, to just rest, play, relax, organize, and be ME. It’s quite exciting, I really needed this.

The weather is PERFECT today, and it’s going to stay very nice into next week, and that really makes me smile. And the chances of rain on my actual birthday have gone down a bit since when I first looked, so that will make my day out driving with Eric more fun too.

Should you enjoy looking, here’s my wishlish. It’s quite obvious what a silly geeky girly girl I am looking at some of the things I might want. laughing

I’m still freakin' out that I’m almost 30. But a bit of fun with family this weekend will decrease the weight of that for a bit. ;)

Oh, and I’m looking forwards to some moblogging of my extended weekend, and pics with my camera too, so you have a front row seat to the festivities. laughing


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30 was much better than i expected, actually. and i dreaded it alot. i thought i would lose my girlyness, but really, it just made me feel like i was old enough to be as geeky and girly as i wanted, and noone could say anything about it tounge out

((hugs)) and happy, wonderful, relaxing, fabulous birthday!


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