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a feast and clean house

We offered to have our weekly family dinner here yesterday, since Dad was out of town and Matthew hadn’t seen the house since we moved in and Lisa hadn’t seen it at all.

I made a big giant feast, and it all turned out so good! Macaroni Au Gratin, Lasagna, Green bean casserole; Megan made a fruit salad and garlic bread. Yummy stuff!

So in preparation, E and I did a bit of cleaning and sorting, of things that have just been waiting to be put in their proper homes but sitting out of open boxes and stuff. I decorated a few things, and lined up pictures to be hung in other places. Its starting to look homey, and even better, its starting to feel like "us".

This last week, I’ve been working hard; its hard to let myself do other things for fun sometimes when there are so many things to do for work! That balance is a bit difficult for me, so its gonna take some work too. smile

I woke up to go to the bathroom, but ended up sitting here blogging and sorting my TiVo shows/season passes. Starting to yawn again, so its a good sign I’m ready to fall back asleep all cozy and happy next to the sweet sleeping boy.


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