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fonty travels

In my fonty travels today, I found quite a few things that were noteworthy or things I wanted to come back and look at myself. Figured I’d share, even if it was just miss m'lissa who had fun with them. wink

Font Diner - The County Fair Picnic font set

PizzaDude CD Volume 1 - includes 10 of the best selling fontfamilies on the site, including Hopeless Heart which I’ve been lusting after since it came out!

San Remo is a font that makes me want to make an Art Deco layout for a site.

Letterhead Fonts' Better Outlines tutorial - has some nice tips on using outlines/strokes on lettering.

Typebase - links to a ton of font-related sites

Typograpi.com - the new home of typographi.ca


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Oh, trust me - she is not the only person that will have fun with them! I looooove fonts! Whoo hoo! Thanks for sharing!

heh, I just went on a huge font downloading streak. For the first time in, perhaps, a year and a half. LOL Great links!

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