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almost carded

I went to a late lunch with Megan today at Olive Garden.

As the waitress started to tell us about the wine specials, she looked at me funny and said, "how old are you?"

I hesitated momentarily, because I’m so old that I get confused whether I’m 27 or 28. ;)

She said "you are 28? wow."

Megan laughed and said she was only 21, and so the lady carded her for her taste test of the blush wine.

Its so silly to be 28 and still have people try to card me when I’m just sitting at the table with someone drinking. laughing


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Hmm.. Try another ten years.

The last time I was carded, I was 38. She was an elderly, grandmother type and I kind of enjoyed it. At 57, the grey hair gives it away. smile

It still happens to be me too (turn 28 on Sunday). The funny thing is, I wasn’t asked for ID until I was 22 (the drinking age here then was 20 - now 18)! laughing

I still get asked for ID once in awhile. I got asked for ID on my 27th birthday at a casino where I went with my parents & sister of all people! blush

Hee! I went with my mom and sis to have her senior pics taken last Tuesday, and the girl that took her pictures asked when I would be graduating from high school. She put her foot in her mouth when I told her that I would be graduating from college next May! tounge out:

I’m four years older than my sister, and people always think that I’m the younger one - I know that it’ll be nice when I’m older... but man, I don’t like it that people think I’m sixteen years old!


My dad got carded when he was nearly 50. Thrilled him to no end.

Me, everyone has thought I look 18 since I was12, but I’ve only been carded a handful of times. Probably because I only drink with mature looking people. LOL

I get carded if I’m with a friend who looks under 21. I’m 37, but pass for 27... so I guess they figure they’d better card me, too. Take it as a compliment.

I just got carded today. I was buying wine at Wal-Mart (and not even *good* wine - it was for cooking!) and the lady wouldn’t sell it to me because I forgot to bring my ID. I had my 9-year-old daughter and 3-month-old son in tow.

Someone up there mentioned being asked when they would graduate from High School. My dad’s friend (a former model, for crying out loud!) came over a few months ago, and he saw me with my youngest sister (she’s 14). He asked me what *grade* I was in. He wouldn’t believe me when I said "I graduated from high school in 1991, so I guess that would make me in...25th grade?" I had to show him my driver’s license before he would believe me.

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