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season finales

My season finales are almost over. This season, I’ve watched a wide variety of TV, moreso than previous years (I talked about this at the beginning of the season, actually). When it came down to it, I ended up watching these for the full season: Charmed, Las Vegas, Angel, Tru Calling, Joan of Arcadia, Threat Matrix, Miss Match, Stargate, Nip/Tuck

Miss Match and Threat Matrix were cancelled part way through the season, the remaining episodes never to be seen again. Angel is ending after tonight’s series finale (and I’ve tried to be spoiler free). Nip/Tuck and Stargate have different seasons than normal broadcast TV. Joan of Arcadia’s season finale is this friday (and the Daytime Emmys are on after it, so I need to tape both as I’ll be doing wedding-related stuff).

So far, I know that Charmed, Las Vegas, and Joan are coming back. Tru Calling is still hanging in the balance, but the end of the season made it seem more promising ratings-wise. Stargate (SG-1 and Atlantis), and Nip/Tuck start in the next few months - June 22, I think, for N/T and July 9th and 16th for SG1 and Atlantis.

My finale references are below in case you haven’t seen something yet.

The season finales:
Charmed. Not nearly as cliff-hanger-y as last year. I’m not sure if Drew Fuller (Chris) is coming back next season or not, which could make the story be interesting. I’m glad it’ll be back, even though there are rumors that this will probably be the last year. Its good that the sisters have happy things to focus on with baby Chris now, though. I hope that Leo doesn’t turn evil, but that he comes back to earth and loves Piper.

Las Vegas. I’m spoiler free, so I have no idea if Danny will be back. I sure hope so! I was tearing up by the end of the finale. And I’m so happy for Mary and Danny. ahhhhhh..... Also, I think another Christian Kane guest star role is needed. How that would work storyline wise isn’t a concern, he just needs to be seen way more often on my tv screen.

Tru Calling. It better be back. They opened up such big story ideas with the last few hours. I loved the addition of Jason Priestly, and I wasn’t sure if I would or not. And I so *knew* that Tru’s dad had something evil going on, but I was still surprised at the end. I cried, because I still had hope for Tru and Luc.

And that’s where I am now in my watching... 10 minutes to Angel. smile


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Word has it Tru Calling is going to get renewed (as is Arrested Development). Yay!

Back to my TiVo, where Angel is currently paused...

For some reason, I could never get into Angel even though I love Buffy. I started watching Tru Calling and Joan of Arcadia late in the season, but I’ve been catching up on what I’ve missed through BitTorrent. I’ll definitely be watching Joan and Tru (if it comes back) next season. Stargate SG-1 has been a favorite since season one. It’s fun to see how our viewing habits overlap. smile

I just started watching Joan and I really like it. I almost always get teary eyed it seems. laughing It’s definitely a terrific show. I’m hoping they show a lot of the episodes I missed over the summer. fishy

Tru Calling renewed for Thursdays at 9 PM.

I was sorry to see Threat Matrix go. I was hoping they’d keep it around long enough to do a story focusing on the deaf woman. And I was not at all pleased with the way Angel ended!

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