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busy full desktop

Its always a sign that my desktop is too full/working too hard when I can’t see Leah anymore. :giggle: I’m gonna have to delete things just so her smiling face peeks through again. smile


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It sounds like a fun way to keep track of how much you’re doing. It’s also a good incentive to get stuff done. smile

That’s your desktop wallpaper, right? How big is your screen? For some reason I always work with all my windows maximized...maybe it’s an attention thing. Occasionally I will tile a couple of windows if I need to see two things simultaneously, but I also use The Wonderful Icon to make various programs (like Notepad) stay on top if necessary.

(I’m not sure if I’m signed in to TypeKey or not. I signed in earlier when making a comment elsewhere, and now when I click the "sign in" button on this site I just get bounced right back.)

I guess I was signed into TypeKey after all! By the way, how do I get the nifty commenter icon with a link to the commenter’s registered profile? I think I’m still having problems with people registering anyway - even when I leave a comment on my own site (while logged into TypeKey) it still requires moderation even though it shouldn’t. I’m so confused! Are the MT 3.0 beta forums still available? I’d heart to do some reading there!

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