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tv season

Ya know what I truly love? "Stay tuned for a preview of next week’s all new [tv show here]" The beginning of the TV season always comes with a lot of consecutive episodes, and its simply delightful.

Since the season started, I don’t think I’ve talked about the shows that I’m enjoying so far this year...

  • Sundays - Charmed - I can’t help but love this. My heart is breaking for Leo, though, and I can’t wait until Piper and him realize that they must get back together.

  • Mondays - Las Vegas (and Stargate Monday when its good) - Josh Duhamel is fabulous, as I knew he would be. I really am enjoying this show, its got great action, and the whole cast is great.

  • Tuesdays - Nip/Tuck (nothing else on this night holds a candle to Buffy) - I’ll keep watching Nip/Tuck until its done for the season.

  • Wednesdays - Angel - I’m *loving* this new season. Yummy Angel AND Spike goodness! I’m not sure about Harmony and Eve, but the girl that Angel helped this last week was cool, and I hope they bring her back.

  • Thursdays - Threat Matrix - This is really phenomenal. I love Jamie Denton, and Kelly Rutherford plays off him terrifically. The show is a bit more serious than I usually go for, with the world threats and so on, but it really is so good I can’t stop watching it now, and I find myself really looking forward to it every week. I hope it can survive being up against Friends, because I’d *so* much rather watch this.

  • Fridays - Miss Match (and Stargate SG-1 when its new) - Miss Match is that romantic comedy that I needed in my schedule. I end the show with a smile on my face because its so upbeat and fun. Even though I wasn’t sure if I would watch this or Joan of Arcadia, I’m glad I started watching this one, and I hope it fares better in the 9PM slot instead of against Joan. I’ll probably watch Joan in the reruns now that they aren’t on at the same time. Stargate doesn’t start new episodes until January.

I’ve never been so diverse in my selections as this year - from type of show to variety of channels. Add some reruns of Charmed, Angel, Trading Spaces, and Stargate into my selection, and I’m a happy tv chica! smile


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I’m glad I’m not the only one watching Las Vegas. I got hooked after the first episode. Problem is I missed last weeks episode because it’s on the same time as Monster Garage.

I’ve been watching Threat Matrix too - I bet you can guess why! I keep watching Shoshannah Stern, and I’m hoping they’ll eventually have an episode featuring her the whole time. (Don’t most ensemble shows eventually have episodes that focus on each individual character?) Her eye makeup is just terrible, though - I’m sure she’s very pretty but she keeps looking like she has two black eyes!

Where’s Joan being rerunned at? I wanted to watch it to, but couldn’t because of Miss Match and Steven not letting me tape on both of the TiVos at the same time. tv

Stargate SG-1 is all new over here in Scotland and I watch it every Monday. I think we get to see the new episodes before you guys which is a little odd. I haven’t heard of the other shows, not counting Angel of course. Must not be international yet. smile

sometimes i think i like the "stay tuned" part better than the actual show! fishy

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