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ahhh, the smell of fresh grass outside my window almost makes it worth being woken up by lawn mowers. And just straight out of a shower makes my hair smell fresh too. Delightful smells for a nice sunny day. Spring is so happy. smile


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I was noticing the lovely spring smells today as well. It’s good to be alive. bug

I can’t begin to comprehend how people like the smell of fresh cut grass! How sad for me.

My worst allergy is grass, so the smell of it is horrible to me. It smells like itching and swelling.

I’m with Anne on that one! ha ha! Of course, we’re heading into winter here, so there is just the warm smell of decay as all the leaves start to rot into the ground... wink

I too love the smell of cut grass, though I don’t look forward to the itchy and running eyes I know eventually will follow sad

The smell of cut grass always reminds me of the summer that my brother and I mowed lawns to make extra money for our family vacation. Our neighbors were quite generous. We actually took so much business away from a landscaping company that charged much more than we did that the company offered us a nice sum of money to disband our "business". Luckily, my brother’s allergies don’t include grass, and I didn’t have any allergies back then. smile

The smell of freshly cut grass goes perfectly with a day like we’re having over here. It’s only 8:30am and already the sky is a deep blue and the sun is baking the garden laughing

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