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Living alone feels so weird after so many years. Nobody to cuddle with as I fall asleep is the worst part. Not hearing E’s voice for such a long period of time is pretty sucky too. I know he’s having fun, and he’ll come back happy that he got to be with the guys, and that’s consoling me.

But I’ve gotten to watch some shows today that E wouldn’t be so excited about—the MTV Music Awards, and a bunch of Trading Spaces, and some episodes of Newlyweds: Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson. :giggle: That’s kinda fun! smile

Our family dinner last night was nice. Megan stopped and picked me up and Leonard and Sarah and Leah were already at mom and dad’s house when we got there, but nobody else! When Matthew finally came home, I finally got a look at his face after his accident this week - he has giant scabs all over his face and a brace/cast thing on his arm. So we had to wait quite a while before dinner was ready, but it was good. We all gabbed and played with Leah and it was a nice time.

Today has been fairly productive off and on. Some housework, some computer work, and some napping. More to do of all ;)


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I know what you mean about feeling odd when hubby is out of town. I go through the same thing. I listen to my favorite CDs and watch TV shows that he wouldn’t enjoy that much, but I still really just want him to be home. smile

Yeah, when Jeff [my husband] is out of town on a business trip, I try to do things to keep myself busy ~ and I also do things that he doesn’t normally like [watching girly movies, eating spinach, etc.!]. hehe smile Hope he gets back soon and safely!

I’m really glad I haven’t had to deal with that yet. I’m not sure what I’d do without my monkey. ;) I’m glad your honey is on his way back. smile

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