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dinner with l and s

Leonard and Sarah invited me over for dinner. Megan ended up coming, too. It was great - we sat and talked and played with Leah for a while while L cooked for us. Leah was being so cute, she smiled and giggled and was happy in my arms for quite a while! We had French Dip sandwiches, with grilled onions and peppers on them. And fries. It was so yummy. Then Leonard made us Root Beer Floats to go with our movie.

We watched How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days, and it was a nice date-ish movie. I haven’t watched a drama for a while, since E’s not so hot on drama (particularly girly drama), and I’m not so hot on some of the kung-foo or anime. So we go for the middle ground of action/adventure/scifi. smile

Anyhow, it was so cute - Sarah put Leah on the ottoman of the rocking chair while she was on the chair. And Leah was entralled by the TV! She laid there quietly for most of the movie, awake, and wiggling her arms and legs and making little noises. What fun!

Megan took me home, even though she was so tired and had to work tomorrow. Tomorrow, I’m going over for a family dinner with everybody. Fun fun!

Have I mentioned lately how much I love being an Aunt? yay, I am smile

I’m starting to get tired, so I think that maybe my bad sleeping from easlier is catching up on me. Lets see if I can fall asleep without a boy to cuddle with ;)


You are such a great aunt! I love your tales of adventures with Leah! laughing