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I’m so easily sidetracked, its not even funny.

  • Open TopStyle to work on codes for my new skin.

  • Remember that I’m changing class names and start to see which skins I’m keeping up to date.

  • What, there’s no #19 in my local folder? Open SmartFTP to find the files on the server.

  • SmartFTP reminds me its been a long time since I checked for an update.

  • While it downloads a new version, open Mozilla Firebird to check how new skin is working.

  • Oh, its been almost a month since I got a new version of Firebird.

  • Where did I put that link to the Firebird builds site that reviews the builds? Search around for awhile.

  • Visit builds forum at MozillaZine to look for link and info about the newer builds.

  • Try 3 times to download 8-30 build. All it ever puts in the folder is the uninstall file, even though it says its working.

  • Okay, so let’s get the last build. Of course, that means not using the installer, so I have to go and manually find it and unzip it.

  • Finally, I’m up to date with the build. But how weird, my theme is looking funky.

  • Go to the themes site to get the newest copy of the themes I was using.

  • Scrollbar keeps disappearing, so I uninstall all of my previous themes and restart Firebird about 20 times testing out newer versions until I find one that works.

  • Oh, SmartFTP is done updating.

  • What was I doing again?? wink



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laughing You are just too cute! bug

Kristine, I TOTALLY relate!! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done that.

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