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e weekend and matthew

So this is the weekend that E is going to his friends' pre-bachelor party. So I’ll be having fun, eating ice cream and cereal for the next 4 days. :giggle: Okay, so that’s what I told E I was gonna do. smile

My mom called around 4 this afternoon, and was taking Matthew to the emergency room. She didn’t have time to give more details then, so she just said to be praying for him. So I was pretty worried for quite a few hours. She called me finally after 7. He was riding his bike home from school (2nd day of high school), and his chain fell off, and that made him fall and whack his head on the sidewalk. He passed out. One of our neighbors happened to be going by and saw him, and somehow got word to mom. So she took him in, he had CAT scans and Xrays, and apparently has pretty bad road rash on his face, and probably a fracture wrist. sad Hopefully we’ll know more tomorrow once the radiologist (?) looks at the xrays, but he’s home now.

Scary stuff. I just noticed that I had a new knot in my neck/shoulder, and I’m guessing that I did a bit too much stressing. Oops.

I’ve gotten so many "warning, email viruses detected"/"your email could not be delivered" emails. I know for a fact that I’ve got my anti virus scanner at top protection, and so there’s no way I sent anyone a virus. I’m guessing that its the same stuff that Melissa is seeing in her mailbox. Plus, I’ve actually tracked over 50 virus-filled attachments of sobig.f that have come into my mailbox this week alone; and that’s just what my filters are catching locally, I think that more got filtered on a server level thanks to some filters I have set up. Crazy stuff. I’m tired of these stupid emails, and I sure hope that I don’t get blacklisted to the point that people can’t email me because of this crap!

And that’s the news from here. I’m off to surf my newsreader, so I’m sure I’ll find more little tidbits to share before the evening is over. smile


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oh wow k! that is really scary. i hope that the xrays don’t show anything abnormal. and the wrist fracture would be a real bummer, especially with school just starting up.

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