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did lots

I did a pretty good job on my list today. I stayed on track and got stuff done instead of dilly-dallying for the most part.

I talked to my brothers both on the phone today, and Megan online... so that was a nice treat. Leonard told me more baby prep stuff, and Matthew needed computer help. Megan IMed me while I was looking for nursing job sites for her to remind me about that. smile

I’m not sure yet about how I felt about tonight’s Buffy. Angel sure is sexy, though smile So is Spike. Yum.

Tried to search for some info on the redness under my eye. Its possible that its eczema, but I’m not sure of that. It might just be a bug bite or something like that. I put some antibactrial ointment on it today, and that seemed to make it moister at least. I suppose I’ll have to keep finding out more info if it gets worse. I hate to see the doctor for such a mundane thing as a small red patch, but I also don’t want it to get worse!

I’m getting sleepy. I talked to Leonard instead of taking a nap, and my body is feeling that! Tomorrow, more productiveness!! check


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Here is my BlogMatch: http://blogmatcher.com/j.php?url1=http://bathtubjunkie.star-shaped.org&cached=1052925528451&start=0. What a cool link! Hey, "baby prep" ~ thinking about starting a familyconfused

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