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On Friday, I went to get my mail at the box mail I had a package key in my box, so I went to open the package section and before opening it, I could smell something delicious. Really truly, through the mailbox! Ahh, my package with my mothers day present from Cinnamuffin Candles. I had to immediately open the package to get at the wonderful smells smile YUM. And not only did they smell wonderful, they look beautiful, too - like real muffins!

When E came home, he came up the stairs and said "Are you baking something?"

Nope, just the candles, but they smell so much like baked goods! I’ve got them sitting on my TV in here because we didn’t go over to my mom’s yet so I’ve gotten to smell them lots :giggle: And E’s mom called (we had some sent to her for mother’s day) and said she loved hers, too, and had to light one immediately to enjoy them.

So I sure think Liz is a genius smile I have a feeling that she’s gonna have my address memorized with all these things I’m wanting to order. sun


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You and me both! I love those candles!

Very cool! I have another friend that makes candles also, but Liz’s look soooooooooooooo good and I’m sure they smell wonderfully, I’m gonna have to order me some! smile

I have some of those candles burning right now!! I stuffed them into my family’s Easter baskets too.

Thanks for the mention, Kristine. smile Enjoy!

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