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fall tv grids

I can’t help but keep an eye on the Zap2it | fall tv grids... Its a bit funny that I don’t tend to watch shows from the major networks a lot - TheWB and UPN and Fox have been my major staples for nighttime show, with a bit of SciFi thrown in for fun. The only UPN show that I watch isn’t coming back, so I don’t care so much about their schedule.

Charmed and Angel (woo!) are staying in their time slots. I’m looking forward to seeing if FOX renews John Doe. Besides Stargate SG-1, those 3 are my main favs.

Some new shows I’m watching out for : Las Vegas on NBC Monday night has several soap actors who I love (Vanessa Marcil and Josh Duhamel), so I’ll keep an eye on that. Miss Match on NBC Friday is Alicia Silverstone’s new venture, and it sounds like fun (it also has David Conrad of Relativity on it). Hope and Faith with Kelly Ripa and Faith Ford sounds good just because of Kelly - its ABC Friday. Amber Tamblyn’s Joan of Arcadia is being touted as My So Called Life for this generation, and its CBS Friday. Fearless is a Jerry Bruckheimer production, with Rachel Leigh Cook and Bianca Lawson, and could be good; Tuesday WB. I think that Eliza Dushku’s new show is on FOX, and they haven’t released their schedule yet.

So that’s the scoop so far wink You know you’ll hear more on this topic, dontcha? laughing


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I’m thinkin' that you must be my roommate in drag. Those are the same channels he watches (except we Canucks don’t get sci-fi. We get "Space").... smile

I can’t wait to see what Faith and Hope it all about too. Kelly is always good with her personality and such, so I’m sure it will be a big hit! smile

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